8 Best Balance Australia to Buy in 2018

Best Balance Australia 001
Best Balance Australia 001

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Learning to ride the bike is a very interesting moment in the childhood that may be really memorable until someone is grown as an adult. Sure, the bikes used must be them intended for the children. Well, this is then the role of the parent. When your kids may look the design only, as the parents, you need to see whether the bikes are safe and comfortable or not for them.

To ease you in buying the bike for the children, here is the list of the best balance bike Australia. What are they?

Woom 1

This balance bike is on the first rank of the list for much reason. The design itself is really astonishing. It is simple and compact but also really cute. Moreover, it looks good for both boys and girls. Despite the stunning look, this bike is also full of protection. It even helps the kids to find their balance particularly if it is their first ride.

Woom 1 is indeed manufactured for them who are still learning in riding the bike. Therefore, all features are easy to use; starting from the handbrake, pedals and others. It is adjustable to make the kids of any age feel more comfortable. More than anything, the components are highly qualified to make it more durable.

Strider Sport Balance Bike

Although the appearance looks cool and more mature, this bike is necessary even for the kids of 18 months old. This bike is indeed mainly intended for the toddlers even the older kids may use it also. The design is very simple but also stunning. Slightly, it is like the miniature of adult bike.

Meanwhile, its protection system is also very fabulous. It perfectly supports the kid’s body and automatically helps them to find their balance. The handlebar is padded as well as the seat is cushioned to make the kids feel more comfortable. The frame is made from the steel so that it is indeed really strong, sturdy and of course very durable.

United BMX

This bike is a combination of the classic and sporty styles. The supporting wheels are still available there and you can just realize it when they are not needed anymore. The design is very cool and it features the place for the bottle on the rear. The main material is the allow magnesium that is strong and durable but also quite lightweight.

The cushioned seat makes sure that the kids feel really comfortable on it. Besides, the handles are also covered by the pad to avoid any injuries while biking. The safety is guaranteed here with the balancing support particularly if it is the first time your kids learn to ride the bike.

Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike

Another best balance bike Australia is from the brand Critical Cycles. This is a kind of basic bike but the design is improved to meet the taste of the modern kids. It still features the simple and compact design with minimum features. But sure, it is still really cute and lovable.

The production of this bike is based on a research that shows that the pedals may not need at the first time the kids learn to ride the bike. It is even the better way to support their balance and their body movement. So, here is the unique balance bike without pedals but the safety is still highly guaranteed.


Being intended for the toddlers, it doesn’t mean that the older kids cannot use it as well. Yes, it is basically produced for the kids of 18 months old and above. Similar to the one owned by Critical Cycles Cub, this bike is also without pedal. The way to ride is then mainly by using the handlebar.

Based on some other reviews, it is mentioned that this series from Cruzee is recommended for the kids who are often nervous or scared in biking. It helps them in finding their balance as well as automatically protects the kids when they are almost fallen. The components are removable and adjustable. It makes you find it easier to adjust it with the kids’ height and weight.

London Taxi Kick Bike

London Taxi is not only famous for the ability to present the high-quality bikes. The products from this brand are also well-known for their vintage designs. Yes, even in this series, the vintage look still dominates without making it look less beautiful and cute.

Again, the main concept of this bike is without pedals. It is also to train them more in finding the balance. As the continuity, the kids can just simply ride the conventional bike without any helps from the additional wheels. The main material is the aluminum alloy that is strong and not easily corroded. Interestingly, it is lightweight also for only around 2.9 kg.

Polygon Alice

If the other bikes are good for the boys and girls, this series from Polygon is indeed mainly intended for the girls. It can be seen from its girly pink color on all over of the body. Meanwhile, it has a classic design along with the basket in front of it.

The structure and the fork are made from the qualified hi-teen steel. It makes the bike, in general, is surprisingly lightweight but still really strong and not easily damaged or broken. The components are removable including the additional wheels. Meanwhile, the seats can be adjusted based on the kids’ height.

Prevelo Alpha Zero

In term of design, this bike is indeed like a bike for the adult but in the mini size. It looks minimalist and contemporary with its simple look and neutral colors like grey and black. The main material used is the aluminum that is brushed in metallic color. The bike is very like so that your kids can just stand it up more easily once it is fallen.

It features the Tektro handbrake to make it easier to reach and pull. The safety is supported by some features including the pneumatic air tires and the seat post that can be easily installed or released. It this best balance bike Australia is good for the 2 year-old kids but possible also for them older than that.