A List of Several Best Balance Bike for Kids

Best balance bike for kids _001
Best balance bike for kids _001

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There are several balance bikes that are considered as the best balance bike for kids. This article will be mentioning some of the balance bikes on the market that are deemed to be the best on the market. It might be not too much, but we hope this article will give you a revelation about the brands of balance bikes that possess high quality! Now, let’s head to the list of the balance bikes you surely wish to buy for your beloved children!

  1. Early Rider Balance Bike

This one is a wooden balance bike produced by a famous bike maker for toddlers: Early Rider. The bike has a relatively lighter weight, which is 7 pounds, compared to other wooden bikes on the market. Although only seven pounds, the cute little bike is able to withstand a weight of 125 pounds or 56 kilograms! The bike comes with several interesting features that most wooden bikes lack. One of them is the use of high-quality tires, which are big apple tires that provide the best traction and cushioning available on bike tires. The bike has 12 inches of a rear wheel and 14 inches of a front wheel, the front one is designed bigger than the rear one to help the kid walk and stand better. However, this bike, one the best balance bike for kids, comes with a higher price compared to other bikes on the market, at about 160 USD!

  1. Cruzee Balance Bike

The next occupant of this list is a metal bike which is very popular across worldwide, which is the Cruzee Balance Bike. The bike is liked by many customers because it is very lightweight for a metal balance bike, thanks to its aluminum material used to construct its frames. The aluminum frame is awesome since it is very light but remains very robust and durable. Everyone knows that aluminum never rusts, which makes the bike to have an extremely long usage time. The bike is also extremely adjustable on almost every of its part, which are the seats and the handle, minimizing the risk that your kid would outgrow it too fast. This could be the best balance bike for kids, although the absence of brakes makes it unable to be designated as such.

  1. KaZam v2s

Another balance bike worth mentioning is a balance bike produced by KaZam. It is designed with a unique frame that contains a footrest which is already patented by the company. The manufacturer states that it is a balance bike for kids aged 3 years old or older; do not buy it if your kids are not old enough for this bike! It has 12 inches of both front and rear wheels, made of air pneumatic rubber tires that are well-known for its high standard of traction and cushioning (although still somewhat inferior to big apple ones).  The bike is also considered to be one of the cheapest metal balance bikes on the market, which is very attractive for middle-to-low customers that value quality. The downside is that the design of the footrest, although very comfortable for your kids’ feet, it might provide an awkward experience when your kids try to move the bike with their legs.

  1. Kiddimoto Super Junior

This beautifully-crafted one is the best balance bike for kids if your kids love to have some adventurous experience when they play around. This bike is designed to have an upright position when your kids ride it, a similar design you can find on a BMX bike! This metal balance bike is indeed, designed to be used on every terrain possible, which makes it possess all-terrain properties. This bike also comes with adjustable height, makes your kids able to use it longer before they outgrow it. The tires on both front and rear are measured at 12 inches and made of pneumatic tires that are designed to be resistant to punctures. However, it is unfortunate that the bike is not fitted with any brakes, perhaps a decision to keep the price low.

  1. Kokua LIKEaBIKE Jumper

This is perhaps a metal balance bike with the best features that you can find on the market. The Kokua LIKEaBIKE Jumper is a high-end aluminum bike that is designed to maximize its quality. The bike is equipped with an adjustable seat, turning limiter, big apple tires, and most surprisingly, a rear suspension! Its adjustable seat is very useful to keep your kids from outgrowing it too early, the turning limiter is to keep your kids from turning too sharp so that they would not have to risk themselves from getting an accident, and big apple tires are the best rubber tires that provide top-level of traction and cushioning in order to make your kids ride it more comfortably. The last feature is an uncommon feature to be embedded on a balance bike indeed, but it surely is very useful! The bike is almost the best bike available, if not for its relatively high cost of 250 USD.

Now, those are the list of some the best balance bikes you would find on the market. However, do you have any idea about the factors you should consider before buying any? You should read the rest of this article because it contains several factors that understanding them might assist you in providing a clearer mind to pick the most suitable balance bike for your kids.

  1. Check the height of the seat and the adjustability available to make your kids feel comfortable and keep them from outgrowing the bike as long as possible.
  2. Measure the weight of the bike since it will affect your kids’ experience to ride it.
  3. Pick the most suitable material used to construct the bike frame since it contributes to its weight, durability, and price.
  4. Consider picking the most suitable type of tires since every material possesses different levels of cushioning and traction.
  5. Reading reviews on the internet is a way to go to make sure that the bike you’re after is good or not.

Well, those are a list of balance bikes and a list to make a choice before you buy a balance bike! We hope this article benefits you in the future! Now, have fun and good luck in selecting the best balance bike for kids!