A Review about Kazam Balance Bike You Should Read

kazam balance bike review _001
kazam balance bike review _001

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Are you interested in buying a balance bike so that makes you looking for an article that discusses a Kazam balance bike review? Well, it seems that the fate has smiled upon you because you have come to the right place! You will find any information regarding the features, pros and cons, and many things else about the balance bike manufactured by Kazam!

Most people are aware to the fact that balance bikes when compared to any conventional bicycles out there, are obviously inferior in terms of the varieties available. However, the manufacturers who manufacture balance bikes seem to utilize their best efforts to keep producing balance bikes with more variants coming out, which result in an increase of the variations of balance bikes in the market. While there is a growth in the number of balance bikes which feature a unique and exotic design, Kazam balance bike manages to thrive with its design which is, somewhat, more traditional compared to the latest bikes released. Although more traditional, the balance bike designed by Kazam is embedded with several outstanding features, which allows it to survive in the market in a very long time.

The bike

Kazam offers a balance bike which is simple, robust, and full of superior features which are made popular thanks to its appearance in a famous American TV show. Although the bike is a little bit heavier than most of its competitor, the bike has always been designed to be used by kids aged 3 to 6 years old.

Equipped with a robust metal frame, a footrest no one can copy (because the design is patented), air inflated/pneumatic rubber tires that perform remarkably excellent on any kinds of terrain, the Kazam Balance Bike has announced that it is able to fulfill any expectancy you have set, and even, exceed them. Although the design of the bike sports a bit of more traditional look, it is still astonishingly elegant which surely will succeed to fascinate your kids and makes him eager to mount the bike up.

What you can find on the bike

If balance bikes have varieties of breed, then the Kazam balance bike is a rare breed, since not many balance bikes out there embed themselves with modern technology, although the Kazam Balance bike has a rather convenient approach in order to do it. It has a seat which is designed to have an ergonomic construction; also, it is adjustable, which allows it to buy some time before your kids manage to outgrow it. On the other hand, the bike is guaranteed to have a high level of safety thanks to its patented footrest and its handlebar which made of flexible material. Now, let’s proceed to the Kazam balance bike review!

Robust metal frame

This bike is undeniably sturdy thanks to its metal frame which is constructed of aluminum and steel alloy which possess a high degree of quality, a guarantee that it is able to hold against the regular use and through the time, coupled with a two-year warranty, further reinforcing the fact that the balance bike is incredibly durable.

Even so, the bike is somewhat larger and has a heavier weight compared to most balance bikes since it is measured at 11.2 lbs (about 5 kg). However, the heavyweight does not always mean that the bike is bad since its heavyweight contributes to its sturdy build, and it enables the bike to hold out even when your kid decides to play rough with it. Also, your kid can play it with comfort because it has a comfortable seat! Your kid can ride it to several miles before he/she gets too exhausted.

Seats and handlebars are totally adjustable

The bike is equipped with a seat that is designed to be as ergonomic as possible. Aside from its padded design which allows your kid to ride with maximum comfort, it also has the option to adjust. This feature is designed in order to keep your kid from outgrowing the balance too quickly. Unfortunately, the seat has a weird design manifested in a downward slope, making your kid to slide down when he/she mounts it up for the first time.

The next section of Kazam balance bike review is about its handlebar, which is constructed of soft plastic. This plastic construction prevents your kid to scratch his/her skin when riding the bike. Also, the handlebars provide a high level of grip, which is crucial for amateurs when maneuvering through bad terrains and turning sharply.  The handlebar is also coated with chrome, which gives the balance bike a remarkable look. It may not sound important but it does help in making kids and parents be proud to show the bike on the public. For additional information, the handlebar is able to be used for approximately three years before your kid grows too big thanks to its flexibility and adjustability.


This is where the Kazam balance bike shines brighter than its competitors. The footrest placed at the lower middle part of the bike provides your kid an ability to ride it similar like the way to ride a scooter, which is a useful addition for your kid when he/she has just been started to ride a bike. Also, it is very comfortable thanks to its clever design which enables your kid to place his/her feet in a natural position. Also, the design is patented, so no worry about copycats!

Air-inflated rubber tires

The Kazam Balance Bike uses pneumatic rubber tires which provide excellent traction and cushioning, giving your kid a comfortable and safe riding experience compared to the balance bikes which use plastic bikes! Also, the wheels are highly durable thanks to its use of aluminum instead of metal. Yes, metal is also strong, but it rusts, limiting its age. With aluminum, the friction suffered by the wheel frame can be minimized and makes its age quite longer. There are reviews where the wheels managed to outlive the guarantee offered by the company! Besides, pneumatic rubber tires are quite resistant to any kinds of terrain and have a long durability.

After you have finished reading the article, it is obvious that you have gained everything you need before buying a balance bike. Well, what are you waiting for? Now, hurry up to the stores and buy the balance bike after you have finished reading this Kazam balance bike review!