A Review about Zum CX Wooden Balance Bike

zum wooden balance bike _001
zum wooden balance bike _001

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Although more popularly known as a ride on toys manufacturer, Zum also releases Zum Wooden Balance bike to the market. The company thinks that the children should spend more time doing outdoor activities, which is why they produce balance bikes. By doing outdoor activities such as bicycling, children will have better physical growth compared to those who do not. Interestingly, Zum chooses to pick wood as the material for its bike, a material popular to use for balance bikes which have a relatively low price. Well, is this balance bike worth purchasing for your children?


People buy balance bikes for their children because balance bikes provide them with a way of learning how to ride a bike. By providing a balance bike as the first tool to ride, your children would learn to gain the necessary balance and control, two things that most kids who use training wheels instead of a balance bike. By the way, Zum CX Wooden bike offers a simple and cheap bike which is an interesting option for the families from low-to-middle class. Now, let’s head to the review!

The bike

Zum CX Wooden bike is manufactured by a company named Zum, although the country where the company originates is currently unknown to the public. The bike itself, as stated earlier in the previous paragraph is made of wood and quite simple in terms of how the balance bike is designed. Although it is made of wood, do not think that the bike is fragile since the wood used as the material is the Birchwood, Yes, it looks like an ordinary wood, but actually, the Birchwood is one of the strongest woods for various purposes.

It is designed for children aged from 18 months to 6 years old. Since the seat is adjustable, your children can still use it for quite a long time, before they outgrow the Zum Wooden Balance bike significantly. The design also requires a minimum amount of maintenance.

The features of the bike

Okay, the brief description found in the previous paragraph sounds really convincing. But actually, what are the features you can find after you decide to purchase and unboxing the bike at home? Well, here is the list of the features you can get by purchasing the Zum Wooden Balance bike!

  1. The material of the bike

The company has made a good job by selecting Birchwood as the material for building its bike. Obviously, the reason why the Birchwood is selected is that it is a widely used material thanks to its durability. However, even though it is durable, do not compare it with metal bikes because the durability of woods is still pale in comparison with the metals’. Still, it is very durable and has a long usage time! The frame is fastened by several metal screws in order to keep the bike in shape.

By the way, in addition to its durability, the bike is also relatively light compared to the other balance bikes on the market which are made of metal. By possessing a lighter weight, the bike has an advantage over the metal bikes because your children can ride it easier and able to maneuver with more agility!

  1. The seat of the bike

In order to ensure that your children feel comfortable when riding the bike, it is designed to look like a horse saddle. With this design, your children will feel happy thanks to its comfortable design. Also, the design prevents your children to fall off easily when riding the balance bike with a high speed. The seat is also highly adjustable.

  1. Safety grip

The grip of the balance bike is designed with safety as the main priority. In order to keep your children’s hand stay safe all the time, the company equips the bike with a rubber handgrip. Although the main purpose of the design is to keep your children safe, the grip is also comfortable to use!

  1. Turning limiter

There are several accounts where the children who ride a balance bike fell into an accident because they overturn the steering handle. Since the kids only have a little experience of riding a bike, it is very likely that such accidents would happen. To prevent this, Zum equips its bike with a turning limiter. Overturning is no longer an issue when you decide to buy the Zum CX balance bike.

  1. The tires

The tires are not a disappointment either. Although most low-end balance bikes equip themselves with low-class types of tires such as plastic or foam tires, Zum bike decides to be different by choosing pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are more common to be found in the real bikes because they offer the highest level of cushioning and traction.

The Pros and Cons

After seeing the features of the bike, would you not be wondering about the strengths and weaknesses of the Zum balance bike? If you would, you won’t be disappointed! Well, let’s see the pros of the bike!

  1. The wooden frame is lacquered with non-toxic material to enhance the durability of the bike while keeping it safe for your children;
  2. Rubber hand grips provide more safety for your children;
  3. Prevents overturning thanks to its turning limiter;
  4. The wooden frame is absolutely friendly to the environment;
  5. The main frame is reversible, providing two options of bike configuration;
  6. Low maintenance cost; and
  7. Excellent pneumatic tires.

Now, what about the cons? The fact that every single thing has its own plus and minus is a thing that even the balance bike made by Zum is unable to avoid. Well, let’s check them out.

  1. You will need to regularly check that the screws require tightening or not;
  2. Although the tires are comfortable and maneuverable, they are not resistant to puncture;
  3. Turning limiter can be considered as a disadvantage for a more advanced user; and

The design is of the Zum Wooden Balance bike is too simple, somehow it looks dull.