All about Best Balance Bike for 5 Year Old

Best balance bike for 5 year old _001
Best balance bike for 5 year old _001

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Best balance bike for 5 year old is available in various options. There are a lot of names of this kind of bike, such as training bike, baby bike, push bike, run bike, and training wheels. For you who are looking for some information related to a balance bike especially for your 5 years old children, the information below may help you.

What is Actually A Balance Bike?

A balance bike is a two-wheeled bike without any pedal. If you are wondering why this type of bike does not have any pedal, it is because a balance bike is designed to be used by 2 years old kids until 5 years old kids in order to teach them a proper balance position. A balance bike is already used as a cycling learning media in the early ages in several countries such as England, Japan, Korea, and the United States of America.

The materials used for this type of bike are also various, such as plastic, wood, and aluminum. The different the brand, the different also the sizes and shapes. A balance bike is quite popular nowadays as a media to teach the kids about cycling before they ride the real bikes.

The Proper Ages to Ride a Balance Bike

A balance bike is available in various sizes. The smallest size balance bike is able to be ridden by 18 months old toddlers. Generally, a kid can use a balance bike when they are aged 2 years old to 5 years old. Make sure you choose a proper size, material, and shape which are suitable for the needs of your kids. It is because a balance bike is not a type of bike that is suitable for all kid sizes. The best balance bike for 5 year old children is the one that lets the kids’ foot touch the ground.

The Benefits of A Balance Bike

  1. A balance bike is able to be a replacement for the training wheels and tricycle. With a balance bike, a 5 years old kid is able to directly change to two-wheeled bike with pedals without any help from the training wheels. Because the balance and coordination of the body are already learned from a balance bike.
  2. Most of the designs of a balance bike are lightweight. So that this kind of bike is able to help the kids quickly adapt to ride the balance bike. They can also quickly adapt when they start to use a two-wheeled bike with pedals.
  3. A balance bike is easier to use on a rough road or rough surface. It is even easy to use on a rocky road. So that you as the parents do not have to be worried about your kids falling off.
  4. A balance bike is more ergonomic and flexible than a tricycle. Your kids are able to bike long distance and explore the environment by using this bike. On the other hand, a tricycle is not efficient to be used for a long distance. Usually, a tricycle is completed with a grip so that the parents can push it. This tends to make the kids depend on their parents in riding it.
  5. The motor balance of your kids can be trained as well as both parts of their brains when they ride a balance bike. It happens because there is a synergy from all aspects of the children’s senses, and total coordination among their eyes, brain, body, hand, and foot.
  6. The slim and lightweight design of a balance bike makes it easy for your kids to learn about a balance when they are making a turn, sliding, rotating, or going uphill.
  7. Learning to ride a balance bike is a challenging activity. The children will face some challenges and pain due to their learning. They will be trained to be braver and more careful. Moreover, the will have a full control of their bodies’ movements.
  8. The pushing movement when the kids ride a balance bike is able to train their gross motor skills.
  9. Riding a balance bike can teach them to control their fears and increase their confidences.
  10. Grabbing the handlebars of the balance bike can train the muscles of the kids’ fingers.
  11. Riding a balance bike is able to train the kids’ focus and arrange the movement and coordination of their bodies quickly.

The Equipment Needed When Riding A Balance Bike

Safety first, the safety of your kids should be the main thing you concerned. When your toddlers ride a balance bike, protect them with a helmet, elbow and knee protector, and comfortable shoes. Making your children getting used to wearing those protections will teach them about cycling comfortably and safely, keeping their own safety, and teaching them a discipline.

A Balance Bike VS Tricycle

A balance bike gives your children a lot of benefits compared to a tricycle. Especially when it comes to training their balances. In the beginning, they will try to move the balance bike. Slowly but sure, they will be able to find their balance points when they are riding this bike. This is what the children cannot get when they ride a tricycle.

The tricycle will support the kids and prevent them from falling even though they do not find their balances. So that when they ride a standard bike with pedals, they have to learn the balance again. With a balance bike, the toddlers will learn about the balance technique on the first day they ride this bike. They can independently ride the balance bike without any support from their parents. After they are successfully riding this kind of bike, it will be easy for the kids to change from a balance bike to the bike with pedals.

Those are the information which is related to a balance bike you may look for. This type of bike offers a lot of benefits for your kids. Make sure you pick the most suitable and best balance bike for 5 year old.