How To Teach Riding Balance Bike For 2 Year Old?

Balance bike for 2 year old _001
Balance bike for 2 year old _001

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A balance bike has long been used as an early cycling learning media in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, England, Korea and other developed countries. Many designations for two-wheeled bikes without these pedals such as: balance bike, training bike, run bike, baby bike, trainer wheels or push bike. The materials used by this type of bicycle are diverse, some use wood, aluminum, and even plastic. Different brands mean different shapes, sizes and materials.

Benefits of Balance Bike

A balance bike is a replacement for the tricycle and training wheels (additional wheels on a two-wheeled bike). With balance, body coordination learned from the balance bike, two-year-old children can immediately switch to a two-wheeled bicycle with a pedal without the help of training wheels.

A lightweight balance bike design and like a two-wheeled bicycle with a pedal, in general, will make children adapt faster when starting to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. Balance bike is easier to use on uneven road surfaces or land, easy to use on a rocky surface.

Balance bike is more flexible and ergonomic than a tricycle. Children can ride a bicycle with a long distance using a balance bike. Tricycle is not efficient for children to drive long distances. Usually, the tricycle is equipped with a handle so parents can push the tricycle when the children are tired. This tends to make the children depend on the parent to drive it.

Children who ride a balance bike can train their motoric balance and also balance on both brains (right brain and left brain). This occurs because of the synergy of all aspects of the children’s senses, total coordination between eyes, hands, feet, body and brain.

The lightweight and slim balance bike design make it easy for children to learn the balance in mastering the turning, rotating, zigzags up and down. Learning to ride a balance bike is a challenging activity, children learn to face obstacles and pain as they fall and rise during cycling. Children will be trained to be brave, careful and have mastery of good body movements.

Right Age for Driving Balance Bike

How to Play Balance Bike 

Teaching riding balance bike for 2 year old can be done by using some ways. Balance bike can be played by walking, foot driven. There is no pedal on the balance bike. Children will naturally lift their legs by balancing themselves when driving a balance bike quickly. Questions such as ‘ where will your feet be placed if you play balance bike?’ or ‘how to drive without a pedal?’ generally comes from parents. The children do not ask about that a lot but they immediately try to ride it.

Tips To Teach How To Ride A Balance Bike For 2 Year Old

First, there are types of equipment that must be fulfilled by mom and dad. Children’s safety is important. Equip your children with a helmet, gloves, elbow protector and comfortable shoes. Getting children to wear the right equipment teaches the children how to play comfortably and safely, maintain their safety, and teach them discipline.

Balance Bike can be used on the road or driven by foot. There is no pedal on Balance Bike so the children must naturally raise their feet by balancing themselves when riding a Balance Bike quickly. So, mom and dad have to find a way that decreases. Then, teach the child to push the bicycle using two legs. After the bike slides on its own, teach to lift both legs. If possible, you should look for a grassy ground exercise site so that if the children fall unharmed.

The hardest part is to make the children want to try again after falling. So, make sure the children have a good reflex. This is useful when the children fall, so the wound is minimal. For example; falling down, the children’s hand can reflexively protect the face, so the wound is “only” their hands and feet. If you want to be safe, use hand and foot protectors. But the children’s movements become a bit stiff.

Then, how long is the exercise? This can be adjusted to the children’s condition. If the children are more enthusiastic, you should immediately teach them. If they look like already scared, don’t force them!

Next, teach children to push their own bikes especially when in a flat place. Teach your children to give a start so that the bike moves. Put both feet on the ground, push hard, and let the kid try to ride it.

One thing that mom and dad should pay attention to is motivation for the children. Strengthen motivation for the children by discussing the thrill of riding balance bike whether through discussion or story book. By doing this way, children will feel happy and interested in riding a balance bike. If they have been interested, they will have high motivation to learn riding balance bike. Although children will be different in speed in controlling balance bike, it is certain that all children will be able to learn if they want. And our task is actually how to change this experience into a learning process that can be applied to many things.

After knowing the tips on how to teach riding balance bike for 2 year old, mom and dad can try as well as possible. GOOD LUCK!