Best 5 Balance Bike for Kids and the Comparisons

Balance bike comparison _001
Balance bike comparison _001

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How is the balance bike comparison? Since the balance bike is intended for children mainly below 8 years old, the safety must be the priority. Besides, it should also be easy to be used and kept as well as the bike is made from strong and qualified materials.

There are so many brands and series of balance bike in the market for sure. Choosing the best one is somehow puzzling. Here, there is the list of the best balance bikes for kids with fair comparisons. Check them out.

RMB Kid Bicycle 12” Venice

Many of today’s balance bikes are designed in simple and minimalist although they are decorated with stunning colors. Well, if your kids may want the cuter ones with more vintage look, this series is the best answer.

The design is unique to make it more likable for the kids. It is equipped by the basket in the front part to load more stuff. Behind the saddle, there is an additional comfortable seat for a passenger. You can let your kid piggyback his or her friend on it.

Despite the adorable design, this vehicle is proven to be strong with its metal structure. There are classic balance wheels on the right and left side and both can just be released later. Indeed, the features are limited in this series. But this bike is undeniably light for the kids starting at 3 years old.

Pros: stylish design, high safety standard, strong and durable, appropriate for children any age.

Cons: a kind of classic bike that can only be adjusted manually, quite heavy.

Thrill Pushbike Balance Kids

After talking about the bike with a vintage look, here is the more modern one. This series has been the main choice of parents for their kids in many countries. So, it is reasonable if you need to consider buying this one.

The production of this device for kids is based on the research that without pedals, it is better for the bike to train the kids’ balance. So, how is to operate it? The kids only need to run the bike using the grips. Even the ways to fasten and lower the speed can be controlled just in that area. Moreover, this type of bikes is also claimed to be safer.

The main material to build up this bike is namely Alloy. The alloy is still under the category of metal but it is much lighter and also anti-corrosion. This material is also very durable up to 10 years. The more unique thing about this bike is that this series is without standards but it still can stand up well. For the balance bike comparison, here are the pros and cons.

Pros: cool but simple design, strong and durable, lightweight, good to stimulate the kids’ balance.

Cons: for some people, the absence of pedals and standards makes it less safe.

London Taxi Kickbike

The nuance of retro London is simply seen on this bike. The design is actually simple. The body is mainly in blue plus the saddle and grips in khaki color. The rests are in black make it look cool but still cute enough for the kids.

The main material of this bike is namely high carbon steel. The material makes it really light, only around 3 kg. Therefore, it is just appropriate for kids from 2 to 5 years old. Interestingly, children older than that can still use it for the design which doesn’t look too childish.

Although the bike is light enough, it doesn’t mean that this series is also fragile. London Taxi Kickbike is even proven to be durable as well as the paint is not easily peeled off or faded. With the adjustable saddle, this one is a really good choice for your kids.

Pros: cool design with a retro look, strong and durable, lightweight, appropriate for children of any age, adjustable.

Cons: although it is intended for toddlers, the footrests seem too large for them.

Strider Balance Bike

Do you want to train your kids to ride a bike since they are still toddlers? Strider Balance Bike is then highly recommended. The design is very simple without too many details. But it still has some options of color to attract the kids.

This strider is made from the structure of steel. The wheels are thick enough so that in general, this one is guaranteed to be more durable. The saddle is designed as comfortable as possible without making any problems when the kid is sitting down there in a longer time.

Almost all parts of this bike are adjustable, nor only the saddle, but also the pedals and the wheels. The way to adjust it is also very easy without needing any other tools. So, it is so good for the toddlers who are still learning to balance their body. Well, for the older kids, this bike is still appropriate to be driven.

Pros: simple and compact design with attractive colors, strong and durable, comfortable saddle, all parts are adjustable.

Cons: heavier than some other bikes for the steel materials and thick wheels.

United Aero Bike

In term of design, this series indeed looks boyish so that it seems more appropriate for them the boys. But sure, the girls can just ride this stylish bike also.

The United Aero Bike is made from magnesium Alloy that makes it strong, durable, but also very light. The safety is on its high standard as it is equipped by the spoke coverage, fenders that are placed in the front of and behind the saddle, and brake cable inserted in the grips.

The other accessories available in this bike are the place for the water bottle and there is also a hook to hand the bag and other stuff. Although the bike is for children from 3 to 4 years old, it is no matter for the older ones to ride it since the saddle is adjustable. The pros and cons are as follows for the balance bike comparison.

Pros: attractive design particularly for the boys, strong and durable, lightweight, high safety standard, the availability of additional accessories.

Cons: the handlebars are fixed and they seem too large particularly for toddlers below 4 years old.