Best Rated Balance Bike for Your Kids

Best rated balance bike _001
Best rated balance bike _001

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If you want your children to learn how to ride a bike, you should try to search the best rated balance bike. A good balance bike will make your children learn bicycling easily. There are several factors in balance bike can affect how fast your children can learn cycling. The factors are the weight of the bike, the tires, brakes, and the height of the handlebars and saddle. If you don’t know what balance bike to choose for your children, here is some recommendation of great balance bike available in stores.

The WOOM 1, arguably the best available in stores

The WOOM is famous for their balance bike product and this product is probably the best product they can offer right now. The WOOM 1 has an MSRP of $199. If you have 18-month kids transitioning to 3T and have weight around 26 lbs. then this is a good bike for them. The product has a turning limiter, handbrake, and air tires. The frame is low and lightweight added with low seat height and cushioned air tires. The handbrake is good and the handlebars allow your children to have a balanced form so they can learn cycling better. The WOOM 1 is available in 5 colors. If your children happen to have a bigger body, then you can check the WOOM 1 plus. The downside is that the adjustment of the seat height doesn’t have a great range.

Strider Sport, the most popular balance bike

The Strider Sport is great if you have 18 months to 4 years old children with a weight of 21 lbs. Overall, the design is great and the boys will surely love it. Stride Sport has foam tires and optional hand brake. The price is probably available around $110 in stores. For this price, no wonder that the bike is popular because it offers well-structured frame, long handlebars, and an extended seat post. What makes people love the bike is that it can be used by various body sizes so it can be given to other children or passed down to your younger children. The foam tires will give you less problem because they will never go flat but it won’t give the tractions and cushioning like the air tires. Another downside is that the bolts can scratch your children’s body.

Banana Bike GT, probably the best balance bike under $100

With a price of $65, the Banana Bike GT arguably has the best quality on its class. It is fit for children with 3T to size 5 pants. The design and look of the bike are pretty sleek and well-designed considering the price of the bike. Compared to other balance bikes in its class, the Banana Bike GT has a longer wheelbase so it will be more stable. People seek this bike because it has air tires with such a price. Although the design is good, the durability of the bike is questionable. Although the durability is not that good, the bike has seat post clamp that can be released quickly. Another downside is that the handle on the back of the seat may irritate you or your children.

Islabikes Rothan, considerably the best luxury bike available

The Islabikes Rothan is available in stores for $250. Surely, it may cost you a lot but you can expect great things from this bike. If you have kids weighing at 25 lbs. and have an age of around 18 months with 3T clothes, then the Islabikes is good for them. The basic features are air tires, turning limiter, and handbrake. The frame is lightweight and has a low-step design so the bike can offer great stability for your children. The seat is comfortable because the design is ergonomic and will not let your kids slipping off. Also, the handlebars are quite narrow so your children will have a better balance when riding the bike. The steering and maneuverability are probably the best in its class. As for the handbrake, it has a good braking capability because of the combination of hi-quality v-brake and lever. The downside of the bike is that the handlebars can’t be adjusted and the seat doesn’t have a quick release for a swift adjustment.

Cruzee, the colorful balance bike

The Cruzee might attract your daughter’s interest because it has a great color variation. Available for around $160, it provides great performance although not the best on its class. It is suitable for kids weighing at 15 lbs. and is 18 months old with 4T clothes size. Because the size is small, the frame is considered as the lightest balance bike weighing only 5lbs. Your kids will attract a lot of attention when riding this bike because of its color and design (It is available in 9 different colors). The bike is preferable for young and lightweight riders. The frame uses anodized aluminum for its beautiful color. One important feature of this bike is that it has rounded edges so your kids don’t have to worry about scratches on their body. The downside is that the anodized aluminum can get scratches easily and the foam tires which has less traction and cushioning although you won’t have to deal with flat tires.

Toot Scoot, the best pre-balance bike on stores

If you want to let your kids have three stage of biking learning, then the Toot Scoot might be the best choice for a pre-balance bike. With a price of $75, it is suitable for 12 months to 3 years old kids weighing at 20 lbs. Compared to a standard balance bike, the Toot Scoot has wider tires and smaller size. Also, the minimum seat height is perfect for petite children and will allow them to have a smooth transition into a standard balance bike. The downside is the narrow frame seems imbalance with the width and the weight of the bike can be troublesome for your children.

In choosing a balance bike, you can choose which one is your priority. The mentioned bike above covers several factors in choosing a good balance bike such as popularity, color, performance, and price. All of the balance bikes above are probably the best rated balance bike. on its respective class.