Biking and its whatnots: Big Kid Balance Bike for Big Kids

Big kid balance bike _001
Big kid balance bike _001

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In the chance that your ten years old could not still ride a bike, there is a big kid balance bike that you can use to bring them into the world of biking.

Should I not go with bicycles instead of pampering them with a balance bike?

There are parents who will preferably choose to teach their kid using a normal bicycle instead of balance bikes. Those parents are the kind of parents who are not afraid of letting their children get hurt and learn from that mistake. Those kinds of parent are good and I would not judge them for being like that, but there are many types of parents in the world. Some parents want their children to learn from their mistakes and their pain while some parents see their children as special snowflakes that should never be harmed by anyone or anything. The second batch of parents is more liable to get a balance bike for their children, even when their children are considered old enough to not be using such a bike.

It might be odd seeing ten years old with a balance bike, but that does not necessarily constitute wrongdoings. It is out of place, yes, but I do think it is okay for your children to use balance bikes. There is nothing wrong with learning anything at any age. If that kind of thing is wrong, then you also have to say that an elder who goes to college to get their degree is wrong.

With that in mind, we still have to admit that riding a balance bike that is too small cannot be a good thing to do. Aside from the dangers and the pointlessness of riding such bikes, a small balance bike is not a practical ride if you want to teach your children how to ride a bike. That is why a big kid balance bike is needed. The big kids in the talks here are children older than 6 years old, so you only need to get them if your six years old is incapable of keeping themselves balanced on a bike.

What makes those kinds of balance bikes different from the ordinary balance bike?

Obviously, the bikes that are suited for older kids are bigger than the ordinary balance bikes. They are made for ten years old after all, so it is only right if the bikes are bigger than usual. Aside from that, there is no major difference between the normal ones and the big kid ones. If you count out the colors and the size, the two are basically the same.

If we are talking about performance, we only need to apply logic. The bigger the bikes are, the heavier the load they can handle. The big kid bikes are obviously heavier, but the weight difference is not usually that big because balance bikes, in general, are lightweight.

Can you recommend me a good bike for the older kids?

Absolutely, my friends. If you are looking for a recommendation, I can give you several of them. The bikes in question are bikes from several companies, but because there is nothing severely different between the companies, you are free to purchase which bike you want.

Purchasing preference aside, let us begin with the first bike that I want to talk about: Glide Bike’s Ezee Glider. The Ezee is specifically designed to be easily used by children aged 1 to 5. It is the smallest bike of the bunch, which is why it is suitable for children who are only starting to balance themselves.

Ezee itself is priced at 70 US Dollars per bike, so if you are looking for a deal, you cannot go further than this one. It is cheap, practical, and well-received by the community. Get this bike if you want to teach your five years old how to bike.

Go Glider is the second bike that I want to recommend to you. Both this one and Ezee comes from the same company, so expect the same level of quality as the former. The stark difference lies in the size and the bike’s suitability. Go Glider is definitely bigger in general and are more suitable for children aged ten. This is the bike that I recommend you get if you have ten years old who is wanting to balance themselves on a bike.

Talking about prices, the price is another major difference between the two products. While Ezee is sitting at 70 bucks, Go sits at 130 bucks. That is a big difference, but then again a 5 years old and 10 years old are a big difference themselves.

What about other companies other than Glide?

There is another brand that I can recommend to you, and that brand is Strider 16 inch balance bike. The first version of Strider’s balance bike was not well-received by the market, but they have redeemed themselves by creating another version. This second version is absolutely better because the sales have risen ever since they created it.

The sizes and the features are almost the same with Go Glider, but Strider adds a footrest that can be used as a pedal trainer. You might think that it can be obtrusive, but the rest itself can be removed, making it an optional feature.

Although this one and Go is almost the same, I suggest you go get Go first before you buy this one. If Go is out of stock, you are free to get one of these. The reason for that is simple: Strider’s is definitely more expensive than Glide’s. The Go will only cost you 130 while Strider’s can go up to 200 bucks. 70 Dollars can be a huge amount of money for some, so go get Go before you can even think about purchasing Strider’s.

If you do not want to buy new balance bikes, you can also make one yourself

Making a balance bike is easy because the only material you will ever need is a bike. Get yourself a bike, preferably the older ones or the broken ones. After you got it, all you need to do is to dismantle every complex mechanism in there. The pedals, the chains, the brakes (you can leave them if you want to), the balances, and all of those complex things should be stripped away if you want to have a DIY big kid balance bike.