Bootoo Balance Bike for Little Ones

Bootoo balance bike _001
Bootoo balance bike _001

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Bootoo balance bike is a great choice of push bike which can be chosen by any parent for their children. Some people think that balance bike or push bike is just a toy for the kids. In fact, it is very beneficial tool for kids learning how to ride.

Instead of using training wheels for helping the kids train to ride, using balance bike will be a lot of easier, fun, and faster. In no time, the kids will be able to ride the real bike after they understand about the balance from the push bike.

Nevertheless, parents should get more than just a push bike for their children. Choosing the best one is a must and bootoo balance bikemust be a perfect choice for every kid.

Push Bike for Kids

Parents might think about the way for educating the kids in every aspect so they choose to give them push bike. However, all the kids could thing is only about the fun activity. Of course, the push bike will bring them so much fun. Yet, parents have to be wise with their choice of balance bike for the kids.

The balance bike by BooToo can offer the best experience for kids learning to balance with the great style and lightweight material. Toddler surely will love it and parents will not mind to see the enjoyment of the kids while riding this bike.

This product will be perfect choice for the children with 2.5-5 years old age. The age range is pretty high because it comes with saddle which comes with adjustable height specification. The height of the saddle can be adjusted between 35cm and 39cm from the floor surface.

Less Noise

The balance bike will be the source of joy for the kids. That is why they want to ride it indoor and outdoor. This is the toy which will be loved the most by the kids. Some parents may have certain worry about this kind of bike especially when it is used indoor.

Noise becomes the biggest problem which can be found in various balance bike products. The fun offered by the bike might be ruined a little with the noise from the wheels. However, this will not happen with the BooToo push bike. The wheels are chunky and they are pretty quiet even when the bike is used indoors. The kids can have fun on the bike without disturbing other people.

Steering with Safety

It is normal when parents pay very big attention about their kids’ safety including when they ride the balance bike. Balance bike should be safe for the kids because they cannot ride it like big kid’s bike. In fact, parents are still worried about their kids’ safety.

Understanding this worry, BooToo ensures that their scooter bike comes with safety steering specification. The bike has limiters. It has function to prevent the front wheel from turning 90 degrees. It is useful for preventing the kids from falling while riding the push bike of course.


There are some reasons which make parents should consider about the weight when choosing a balance bike for their little ones. Lightweight balance bike will make them easier to carry. Since the bike is made for toddlers, parents will play the most roles for moving the bike.

When parents are ready to give balance bike to kids, it means that they also have to be ready with risk of falling. There might be a time when the bike tips over the kids. If they choose the lightweight push bike, it will not hurt the kid when this situation happens. Since bootoo balance bike is lightweight, it must be the right choice for every kid’s scooter bike.

Cute Design

The push bike might be considered as a toy by many people. That is why they might imagine about the toy which comes with ridiculous look. It is not the type of item which can be kept in the room without disturbing the overall look of the house.

The scooter bike by BooToo has cute design which makes it more than just a toy. It will look great for the kids riding it. At the same time, there is no need to worry for putting it in the room because it has the design which is filled with grace, dignity, and charm.

Made in South Africa

BooToo push bike is available in South Africa and it is interesting that it is made in South Africa as well. By buying this balance bike, it means that people will not only support the kids for learning how to ride but they will also support the business as well as innovation in South Africa.


The balance bike from BooToo is made with environment conscious mind. Nowadays, it is super easy to find various kinds of bike product which comes with plastic material especially for the kid’s bike. BooToo scooter bike does not use plastic as the material for the frame.

This must be perfect for helping the environment as well by not adding plastic to the landfill. Instead of plastic material, the push bike frame is made from birch plywood which is designed in precision. This might be the key of the great look which can be found from this product. One thing for sure, this product is surely sustainable.

No Brake

There is no brake which can be found on the bike. People can find the brake on many balance bikes but in fact, it is not suitable for the toddler’s hands so it can be dangerous for them. Even when there are brakes, the toddlers will not use it since they have small hand. That is why it will not be functional.

Toddlers usually will use their feet as the brake. That is why when riding this bike, it is recommended for them wearing sandals or shoes so they can stop the bike safely and comfortably. Of course, brakes and pedals will be needed when the kids are older.

Color Options

The color options of this bike are varied. People can find the natural one but they can also find more colorful one with different feel. The kids and parents will love the colors of bootoo balance bike.