Ivan Mestrovic Gallery

Ivan Mestrovic is the author of Grgur Ninski sculpture (Gregory of Nin) near the north (Golden) gate of Diocletian’s palace.

The Bowman and the Spearman, also known as Indians standing as gatekeepers in Congress Plaza, at the intersection of Congress Drive and Michigan Avenue in Grant Park, Chicago, United States are probably the most famous works of this author.

Ivan Mestrovic – The Bowman

Ivan Mestrovic Gallery is a must for all art and sculpture lovers.
Situated only ten minutes walk from city center, it is an oasis of peace, quiet and contemplation.

If you don’t want to walk, there is a bus from Church of Sv.Frane to the gallery.

The garden where his expressive and lifelike statues, often compared to Rodin’s are displayed is only a part of the exhibition.

There is also his studio and a gallery on two levels.

We recommend you take a guided tour. Although some might find it expensive, it is not a “scripted” tour most galleries have. You will enjoy almost a private tour and be able to put things in perspective regarding artist’s state of mind, political and social circumstances etc.



Korta is a restaurant near Peristil with fabulous food, great choice of wines and deserts, and most importantly – very reasonable prices.
Don’t be surprised if you order fish – you won’t get it filleted and sliced. You’ll get the whole thing, as it is a custom in Dalmatia. Just ask the waiter to help you deal with it.

If you like sounds of guitar, there’s a wonderful young man there playing instrumental music every night from 20:30h. ¬†You can hear everything from Joe Bonamassa, Beatles, soft jazz to dalmatian folk songs. Great place to spend your evening.

Photos of Konoba Korta, Split
This photo of Konoba Korta is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Caffe bar Gaga is located right behind the Ethnographic Museum in the very center of Split, on a square called Pjaca (pronounced like Piazza).

It’s name has nothing to do with Lady Gaga, it is the nickname of it’s founder.

This is a place where you go to “see and be seen”, to hear the latest gossip over a cup of espresso or a cocktail.

Often a starting point for a night on a town.

Oh, forgot to mention – there’s a free WiFi internet access.