Commencal Balance Bike Ramones 12 Inches

commencal balance bike _001
commencal balance bike _001

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A commencal balance bike  can be a great choice of a push bike. At the same time, it can also be a great support for the kids who love to learn how to ride a bike. A balance bike can be considered as a new trend for parents but it is sure that this trend can really bring benefits for the kids.

Commencal offers various bike products and Ramones 12 inches is the smallest model which can be found. One thing for sure it is created for the early bike riding learners. Let’s find out further about this bike.

Start from 35 Inches

When is the right time to introduce a bike to the kids? Riding bicycle sounds like simple skill but in fact, it can be very important life skills which should be taught to the kids. Riding a bicycle will be all about balance. The kids have to learn about balance so they can ride the bike. In fact, balance is all they need to make sure that they can live a life in the future.

Some parents think that they should not start the bike riding training too early because they do not want to find their kids hurt during the process. When they were kids, bike riding training meant bruises everywhere. It was the time when they learn to ride a bike on a small bike with training wheels.

It is different now since the kids can be introduced to push bike first before they can ride on the actual bike. There is no need to worry about the kid’s safety as long as parents can choose the best option of balance bike available at the market. The balance bike offered by Commencal can be used for kid’s bike riding training since they have 35 inches in height. It means that their training can be started since they are about  2 years old.


Safety is not only considered from the design. We can make sure that balance bike can be the safer option than the bike with training wheels. However, there are still other aspects which must be considered for ensuring that the push bike is really safe for the kids. The material becomes the most important thing which must be paid attention greatly.

Material for the bike is important because it will determine its weight. For making sure that the bike is safe for the kids, people have to choose balance bike made from the lightweight material like alloy. Fortunately, the smallest bike offered by Commencal is made from alloy material which can ensure the bike is lightweight. This material is used for the frame and the stem of the push bike.

Since the bike is very lightweight, parents do not need to worry about their kid’s safety in case the bike stumbles over them. It is a plus as well since the bike can be carried easily by parents when the kids are not riding on it.


The concept of balance bike might not be so acceptable for many people. When it is about learning about riding a bike, there must be real bike involved. It means a bike which comes with pedals. However, the concept of a balance bike is actually for helping the kids learn about balance. This is a crucial starting point for ensuring that they can learn to ride a real bike.

During the process for understanding the balance, there is no pedal needed actually and commencal balance bike understand this very much. Balance bike helps the kids learn about balance first and there will not be any pedal involved. This option will be safer for the kids of course because they do not have to speed the bike up. At the same time, they can focus on the balance first before they can split their mind for pedaling the real bike. As result, they will be able to ride an actual bike faster than parents might imagine.

Brake or No Brake

There actually are controversies about whether it is necessary to have a brake on a push bike. Brake surely is an important part of a real bike but they are wondering about its value on a balance bike. The kids basically will use their feet for speeding up or stopping their bike so the brake will not be that important during this phase. More importantly, even if there is a brake on the bike, beginners might not be able to use it properly with their small hands.

However, some parents might think that it is important to have a brake on the push bike when the kids start to speed up their bikes too much. It will be scary if the kids cannot stop the bike with their small feet. When the time comes, parents can attach the brake to the balance bike. They will not find the disc brake available within the package because it is optional for the smallest model of Ramones.

Good Start for Winning Race

A balance bike is surely a big thing which parents can give to their kids. The reason for giving this bike can be as simple as allowing the kids to have fun and play. Riding push bike can be a really fun experience for the kids. They can enjoy it with their little friends with parent’s supervision. It is great that the bike can be ridden outside and inside the house.

Since riding a bike can be considered as a life skill, it must be wonderful to help the kids learn this beneficial life skill as soon as possible. Push bike will offer the most efficient method for helping kids balancing the bike before they are ready to ride the real one which has the more complex method to ride.

Although riding a bike sounds like simple life skill, in fact, kids can even make something big from the balance bike. As long as parents choose the right one and lead them to use it properly, it can be a good start for winning a race. There is no need to wait until the kids get bigger because inspiration of young race winner can be found easily. They only need to look for toddlers who ride   commencal balance bike for good.