Considering a Big Balance Bike for Kids to Learn How to Ride

big balance bike _001
big balance bike _001

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It is very important for kids to learn how to ride a bike. The experience to acquire the biking skill normally will make kids extremely happy and will never forget that. Every child has his/her own way to learn, but parents should provide a big balance bike to make their kids feel more confident and safer when learning to bike.

Benefits of balance bikes

Balancing is all about when learning how to bike. That’s why many parents choose a balance bike. See the benefits of a balance bike below.

  • A child in the process of learning how to ride a bicycle will usually feel a bit insecure, especially for the first time. With this kind of bike, he/she will feel safe since he/she only has to stand over the bike and walk along the way. It’s wise for parents to accompany him/her in this learning stage. Parents also have to encourage their kid to learn to bike more and more.
  • With a balance bike, a child will make a progress easily and this will make him/her feel more confident.
  • A motor skill is one of the skills that a healthy and normal child has to master. Learning to ride a bicycle with this kind of bicycle will make him/her automatically have a good coordination between his/her body and brain. This will improve their spatial awareness, flexibility, mobility, strength, physical abilities, and depth perception.
  • Learning to ride a bike will make a child have a healthy body and soul. A child learning to bile surely is active. He/she won’t get obese and won’t easily get sick. If he/she gets a progress when learning to bike, he/she will feel more enthusiastic about mastering the riding skill. The more enthusiastic he/she becomes, the more active he/she will be.
  • When learning how to bike outdoor, a child will automatically learn the basic traffic rules. In this stage, parents should explain the rules like choosing the right road, looking for traffic, and stopping for lights. Learning to bike outdoors will also make children not engaged too much in gadgets or TVs that will make them inactive leading to serious problems. Children will also learn about what happens in their neighborhood. Temperature, people, plants, buildings, etc. will make them gain more knowledge. Knowing how to deal with those factors will make a child easier to master the bike-riding skill.

When we talk about a big balance bike, we should have a sizing guide. Because big can define differently for every child. Holding on to a sizing guide is the best way to make your child has the right-size balance bike. See the guidance below.

Sizing guide to get the best balance bikes

  • For kids under 2.5 years old, the height of the seat should be from 11 inches to 14 inches.
  • For kids between 3.5-4 years old, the height of the seat should be 14 inches to 16.5 inches.

Some kids with a certain age can be taller, smaller, bigger, shorter, and thinner than other kids. This kind of bike for kids comes variously in brands, and every brand has its own standard. It is better for parents to take the child to the store and have self-try. Besides the sizes based on ages, the sizes based on weight and height and based on clothes are possible to consider if you want to buy a balance bike online. To make you more confident in choosing the best balance bike for your kids, see the buying guide below.

Balance bike buying guide 

  • We have talked about the height of the seats and sizes before, so tires should be something to consider buying a balance bike. Pneumatic or standard-air-inflated tires are the most common. These tires promise a good grip and cushioned seat. They come with a different tread. When choosing the best tread, you should consider the area you live in. to make the tires last longer it is suggested that you use sealant to prevent holes and cuts. Some like foam tires which are cheaper need little maintenance, lighter and more durable.
  • Materials of the balance bike are also important to consider. Balance bikes can be made from woods, steel, aluminum, and plastic. The one made from steel seems to be the best among others since it promises durability. It costs more surely and it tends to get rusty easily due to the different weathers. Smaller children will also have difficulty riding such a heavy balance bike. Be mindful of how much the balance bike weighs.
  • The weight of the balance bike shouldn’t be more than twenty-five percent of the child’s weight.
  • Bolts, turning limiters, footrests, models, and colors depend on the child’s wish. Sometimes it is okay for a child to have a bike with the color that they don’t really like.
  • Some balance bikes are designed to have a hand-operated brake. That kind of brake will fit the children’s hand perfectly.
  • Grips with large bulges on the outside promise more protections.
  • You should think about the accessories to make your child ride his/her balance bike more safely. Helmets and pads for their elbow and knee are there to buy.

Ideas of balance bikes

  • Balance bikes come differently in price, model, size, and brands. Consider the balance bike for children between 4 and 8 years old. This is designed to promise free of fuss when learning. This balance bike is 4.9 kilos in weight. It has two posts of seats, so you don’t have to buy a new balance bike if your kid gets older and bigger.
  • Consider a light balance bike that weighs only 2.5 kilos. It’s great for young toddlers or 18-month kids. Its padded seat is adjustable and promises comfort to your toddler.
  • Look for a three-kilo-wooden balance bike which makes you easy to bring it everywhere. Your kid will also be easier to ride this light balance bike made from solid-laminated-birch wood with footrest. The seat is cushioned and has the setting of a three-adjustable height. This model is designed to have 12-inch rubber tires. It’s perfect to ride at home during rainy days, winter or bad weather.

You are getting more and more familiar with a balance bike now. Are you ready to buy one for your kid? Don’t forget about the buying and sizing guidance to get the best for your kid. This article about a big balance bike does give you enough information, right?