Considering a Scoot Balance Bike for your Toddlers

Scoot Balance Bike _001
Scoot Balance Bike _001

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Kids should have a scoot balance bike as their first bike. This bike is to replace the training-wheels and tricycle bikes. With this bike, kids will be able to jump, ride, and coast on their balance bike without their parents’ assistance. Three-year-old children later will be able to ride regular kid-bikes without the training wheels if they start with balance bikes.

What else do you know about a balance bike?

A balance bike for kids is like a regular bike which can glide over curbs, uneven surfaces, rocks, and grunge. Kids won’t get stuck to ride a balance bike. It is two-wheeled and pedal-less. Those having toddlers will love to buy one for their kids. If it is new for you to know, you may like to have a guidance to buy a balance bike. See the guidance below.

A balance bike buying guidance

  • You have to pay attention to its weight. Bikes for kids which are lighter must be the best for your kids. A heavier bike will make you as parents tired as well. You will bring the bike here and there, right?
  • See its brake. A handbrake is great to stop a bike, but a shoe sole can stop this kind of bike with a moderate speed. Make sure the brake is not too big or too stiff for them to pull.
  • The tires which are good for your kids’ balance bike are the lighter ones. You should choose the pneumatic tires. These tires will roll over bumps well. The wheels of the balance bike you will buy should be free and easy when spinning.The balance bike for kids should have a safe steering with a damper that is great to prevent jack knifings. Make sure that the balance bikes you will purchase are with the bulb-ended hand grips. This kind of hand grips will prevent injury when falling and slipping in hands.Another important thing about a balance bike for your kids is the saddle. The saddle should be a slight concave one which will make your kids feel comfortable when riding their balance bike and free from the possibility to slip forward. The saddle also should be able to adjust its best height for your kids. Your kids will have to be able to put their feet on the floor flatly.

There are many various brands of balance bikes to choose out there, but it is the Scoot that will be discussed here. Scoot balance bicycle for kids and toddlers are various in models, let’s see the Ridgeback Scoot for your kids or toddlers who are taller and bigger than others.

The Ridgeback Scoot you may consider

  • The size. If your kid is 2.5 years old who’s like a three-year-old kid, your kid will be suitable for this balance bike. This bike is generally too heavy and too tall for a two-year-old kid with different height.
  • The Seat Height and Weight. The weight of this Scoot type is 12 pounds. The seat is designed to have two-seat posts, which will be able to adjust the seat height from 14 inches to 22 inches. If you want to swap the seat, you can just remove a screw under the saddle. This type is also great since it has a post clamp for a quick release.
  • The Brake. This Scoot type is designed with a great brake giving no problems to your kids. Your kids’ hand and eye coordination will be great with the brake on the right hand.
  • The Grips and the Handlebars. This Scoot type is four-inch wider handlebars than others. Older kids riding this Scoot type will have a natural position for riding with the additional length and increased handling.
  • The Footrest and Turning Limiters. It is common for a brake to get wrapped around the frame, and this Scoot type comes with a turning limiter which won’t limit the work of the steering. The Footrests are not included but it doesn’t matter at all since every kid in the riding test didn’t even ask. They just rode the bike naturally.
  • The Tires, Bearings, and Bolts. The tires are inflatable with 12-inch in size, are heavy-duty, and are able to resist punctures. Inside the tires, there is a liner for protecting the tube, so sharp objects won’t be able to reach it. Flat tires are almost impossible but it is wise to the tires give air especially if your kids actively ride this Scoot type balance bike. The bolts on the axles are rounded. To minimize the scratching risks, the bolts are set at the back of the frame.
  • The Performance. With all the things mentioned above, the Ridgeback Scoot type must be wonderful when riding.
  • The difference between the Ridgeback Scoot and Scoot XL. The Scoot XL is for kids whose clothe size is 5, 6, and 7. Toddlers in 4T are also great when riding Scoot XL. The XL type has 14-inch wheels. Toddlers in 3T clothe size are to ride the Ridgeback Scoot. Toddlers in 4T clothe size but smaller in appearance will be recommended to ride the Ridgeback Scoot as well. These two are there to make those kids ready to try the bikes with a pedal.

If you and your spouse are still young and plan to have more babies in the future, buying a scoot balance bike like the Ridgeback Scoot is like a kind of investment. Your old kids can hand down their balance bike to their younger siblings. The balance bikes from Scoot are usually great in colors. Your kids will be happy to choose their balance bike in their favorite color. Your duty to make your kids are able to ride a bicycle is a lot easier with a balance bike from Scoot. They will also feel more encouraged since their balance bike is a lot like the regular one.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in buying a balance bike for your own kids? It’s wonderful if the article about the Scoot balance bike gives you enough information.