Considering the Three-in-One Little Big Balance Bike for Your Young Kids

little big balance bike _001
little big balance bike _001

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Relying on stabilizers when learning how to ride a bike is no longer popular since balance bikes have come along to promise kids to be able to ride a bike easily. However, it’s not easy to teach young kids to bike. Kids should have the best balance bike. Among other brands, Little Big balance bike seems to have more options.

Balance bikes in a nutshell

A balance bike is a bike designed for kids as young as two years old. This bike has no pedals, which are usually too complicated for young kids. With this bike, young kids will get a bike-riding skill in a fun and relaxed way. Kids learning to ride a bike with this pedal-less bike will focus on balancing since the steering will come automatically. Kids will just sit on the saddle and propel themselves to move forward by striding. After that, the kids will lift one of their feet on the ground, and when they get the balance they will be able to lift both of their feet from the ground. This bike obviously will make young kids faster to get  a bike-riding skill.

Steps for young kids to ride a balance bike

  • Help the child sit on the pedal and let him/her stride. With his/her power, the child will move freely. Little by little he/she will understand that they can lift their feet with more striding.
  • After striding, the child will feel more confident and enthusiastic. He/she will come to gliding part. With more and more striding and try to glide the feet, the gliding time will be faster and longer.
  • After mastering those two steps, the child will get the balance. However, mastering those two steps can take months even years depending on the child. As parents, you should encourage your young child to ride his/her balance bike more and more until it’s time for your kid to get the bike with a pedal.

If you get interested and want to know more about it, you can see the idea below. This is the three-in-one which can convert from a balance bike to the one with pedals. This will save money surely.

Little Big Balance Bike: Three-in-One Balance Bike

As we know that a bike for kids is usually designed to be disposable. However, this 3-in-1 balance bike is designed to be ridden by a two-year-old kid until he/she turns seven. So, it is no doubt that the bike is built to promise durability and easy maintenance. The aluminum tubing 6061-T6 is the material for its frame and the cable of the back brake is internal routing in order to have a neat look. All over the bike—from the brake to the stem, have real components. Every nut and turning bolt is great.

The tools needed to make all adjustment on this bike are provided in a box. There are three modes in this balance bike. They are the balance bike, the longer balance bike, and the pedal bike. This must be great with three modes. The brakes are all ready. When adjusting, the seat posts attached to the saddle needs to be installed first, and the bars to the stem are needed to be mounted first.

The bike’s rear end is able to flip in order to make the bike longer and taller. All you have to do is remove the bolts that tie both of the frame’s ends, and then rotate the frame’s rear end. After that, insert the bolts tightly and move the seat post to the top. In the process, you will find that cable of the back brake that is routed internally will clutch. If you are still confused, there will be a manual book to help.

When your kid turns older enough to ride a pedal bike, then all you have to do is install the crank system on the seat tube’s bottom end. The easiest way is to lock the crank in its place with two bolts. The rear cog has a cover that is easy to remove once the wheel is taken from the frame. Slip the chain, which is designed to have the right length, over the rear cog and front chain. Next, you can pull back the rear wheel to have the best tension on the chan. Finally, tight the rear wheel with a bolt.

Judging from the ‘hidden’ things, you may think that this bike is heavier. Yes, this three-in-one balance bike is rather heavier than most of the basic balance bikes. It weighs eleven pounds more, and with the drive-train, it weighs fourteen pounds more than the basic ones. It’s also necessary for parents to maintain this kind of bike. This bike is supposed to grow up with your young kid, remember? See the ways to maintain a balance bike below.

How to maintain a balance bike

  • First thing first is to check the tires. Check if there are deflated tires. Actually, it is a must to check the pressure of the tires regularly, especially in the summer when your kids ride a bike all the time.
  • Don’t hesitate to clean the frame all the time. Mud, oil, dirt, grease, and salt are the things to get rid of your kid’s balance bike. They will make the frame rusty. Clean the balance bike with your kid, so he/she will know that it is a must for him/her to clean the bike.
  • With a damp soft cloth, you can clean the rip, seat, and saddle. Just do it gently. If it necessary you can use a solution special for balance bikes.
  • Check the whole parts of the balance bike. If it is necessary you can have it checked by maintenance people available in your neighborhood.

So, what do you think? You can’t wait to buy one for your young kid, right? Don’t forget to search for the model suitable for your kid. The three-in-one model is nice to save money. Hopefully, this article about little big balance bike gives you the inspiration to make your kids easier to learn a bike-riding skill.