How to Choose a Balance Bike Bike for One Year Old

Balance bike for one year old _001
Balance bike for one year old _001

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How is to choose the balance bike for one year old toddler? There are many benefits to getting used to the kids in cycling since they are still young. They are including stimulating their coordination, balance, discipline, development, strength, and still many more. Besides, bicycle also encourages the kids for being active in fun ways. Problems like gaining weight can also be solved earlier.

However, parents often ignore how a good bike for kids should be. More than that, it is if you intend to buy this device for toddlers around one-year-old. Of course, it should be different from any other bikes for older kids. The functions are basically different as well as such balance bikes should have a higher safety standard.

So, there are some matters you need to consider when buying a bike for toddlers around a year old. What are they?

The Size

Every bike has its own body and wheels size that is adjusted from the kids’ ages. It is all referred to the balance bikes for kids of 2-4 years old in whom the standard height should be 30 cm or 12 inches. Therefore, for the kids below that range, the height should be less for around 20-25 cm. Meanwhile, for the kids above that range, the height can be more for around 40 cm.

In other words, if you have a plan to buy a balance bike for a one-year-old toddler, make sure that the height should be in 20-25 cm. So, how cute the other bikes look like, if it is not safe and necessary for your kids, you are better to ignore them.

The Design

The toddlers may still not know yet how important cycling is. So, make sure to attract them with a kind of bike with cute and attractive designs. Some striking colors like red, yellow, pink, green, blue, and others can just be a good choice. At least, you have stimulated the kid to be interested to approach the bike.

Next, it indeed seems not really important but the bike for the toddlers must be completed by other accessories. They can be in the form of a bell, toys, dolls, and music. The accessories are indeed not new things in a bike for kids. Even for them around 4 years old, the toys and music are still being the important elements.

It is better if the music sound can be set up. The reason is simple; your kids must listen to the music in an appropriate volume so that they can still enjoy it without giving problems to their hearing system.

The Brand

There is a perception that famous brands must provide the best products as well. Unfortunately, it is not always like that. At one point, you are indeed suggested to go to a trusted brand with many positive reviews. But at the same time, you should be wiser also to not to only see the product based on the brand. The more important thing is actually the quality.

It is not exaggerating then to search for information regarding the balance bike for one year old. What are the best brands for it? What are the most recommended series? Don’t be doubtful to read the reviews or go to the discussion forum. Then, learn about the pros and cons before making a comparison.

The Materials

Sure, you must want to bike to be durable although the kid may only use it in a short time period. At least, his or her younger brothers and sisters can still use it later.

There are some kinds of materials commonly used for the bike. The most common ones are the metal and plastic. The metal itself has various types including the iron, stainless steel, or one of the new inventions, namely Alloy.

So, which is the best one? Talking about the durability and the weight, it seems that the stainless steel and alloy are still the best choices. They tend to be stronger and more everlasting. Moreover, if those materials are layered with a substance namely Chrome, it can just make the bike’s body more resistant to the scratches and friction.

Unfortunately, most of the balance bikes for baby and toddler are made from plastic. The material has a tendency to be more fragile anyway. So, if in case you only find a kind of balance bike for kids with only plastic materials, ensure to choose the thicker and the sturdier ones.

The Safety Standard

It is not easy for sure to compromise with a one-year-old toddler. All they want is just having fun, of course, without thinking about the safety. So, the way you let them be more careful is starting from the devices and toys they play daily. It is including the bike.

No matter how cute a balance bike is it is not complete if there are no safety features like a sturdy and comfortable saddle, strong handle grips, controlling stick, and even the seatbelt. Some types of bikes may not have all of those features. Well, only two or three of them are actually enough. Don’t forget to let the kid try it first before buying.

The Comfort

The bike should not give further problems like pain, fatigue, and the likes. The toddlers must feel really comfortable when on it. You may not know exactly how he or she will feel after sitting on the bike. But you can test it by touch and press the saddle gently. Quite different from the saddle on the adult bicycle, for the kids, it must be softer with thicker upholstery.

Notice also some other spare parts like the handle grips and pedals. Those must not be too wide so that the kids can just reach them well. Some balance bikes are designed to be adjustable. So, such a type is the best one to choose. The more parts that can be adjusted, it is much better anyway. This way, the bike can still be used even when the kid has grown older.

Undeniably, you may need to spend more budgets for such a bike. But sure, such a product of balance bike for one year old is more satisfying.