How to Choose the Best Balance Bike Wisely

best balance bike 001
best balance bike 001

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Are you looking for the best balance bike reviews? Undeniably, the biking is indeed a good activity and it should be started when the kids are around 2 years old. From that age, the kids must move actively to support their bones and nerves as well as make their body healthier.

However, it is often quite confusing to choose the best balance bike for the kids. There are so many products in varied brands out there. Then, you should learn about them carefully before buying. This way, you can have the right product based on the child’s age, conditions, and the budgets prepared. Here are then some considerations while choosing the balance bike.

The Type of the Balance Bike

The types of balance bikes for kids mainly differ from the range of ages. For the toddlers below 3 years old, the main focus is actually how to make them can sit on the saddle in more balance. In this range of age, the kids themselves actually still cannot control their own body well. In other words, the bike is to support them in controlling their body.

The traditional balance bikes for the 3 year-old kids and younger are those with 3 wheels. Nowadays, there are some types of 2-wheel bikes that are intended for those kids. It depends on your taste whether you want to choose the 3-wheel or the 2-wheel bike. But if you want the bike is able to be used longer, the 2-wheel bike for the toddler is more recommended.

For the kids above 3 years old, they should learn about finding the balance by themselves. You can choose a 2-wheel bike with additional 2 wheels on the sides. There are also 2-wheel bikes without additional bikes that are adjustable. If you choose this one, you can adjust the bike components based on the children’s weights and their ability in balancing their body while riding.

The Price

It is so true that the price may influence the quality. Commonly, the more expensive bike you buy, the more qualified it will be. Unfortunately, you still need to consider the budgets also before buying them a bike.

Here is then a suggestion for you. Rather than buying a bike in which the safety and the durability are still questioned, it seems better to collect more money to buy the better one. It is no matter to delaying the purchase a little bit more since the kids’ safety should be the priority.

You should not worry. You actually don’t need to buy one that is too expensive. Just make sure that the bike fulfills some requirements as follow. It must have a kind of strong and qualified materials like from the steel, aluminum, or the magnesium alloy. Besides, the bike must also have some safety components like the additional wheels or the balance controllers to avoid it easily falling. Interestingly, not all the best balance bike reviews offer the very expensive products.

If it is possible, choose also a kind of bike that is adjustable. In fact, the kids’ height must be different from one to another. The adjustable bikes also tend to be more durable. It can be used when the kids are growing older.

The Spoke Coverage

All bikes may have the spoke that enables them to run smoothly. Although it is an essential component, it can be dangerous also. The spoke can just injure the legs when you are not being careful. Meanwhile, the kids are sometimes still really careless and reckless. This way, you need to choose a kind of bike in which the spoke is covered well.

Interestingly, there are now some brands in which their bike products are made with the spoke coverage. The price is indeed more expensive than the others without it. But for the sake of the kids’ safety, this more expensive one should be chosen anyway.

The Bike Brands

For some people, choosing a product based on the brands can just be about the prestige. You are not suggested being like them for sure. But undeniably, the brands indeed show the quality. Some brands guarantee their products to be durable and safe. For the balance bikes for the kids, undeniably, you must consider this matter also.

Some products are being expensive due to the materials used that are stronger and more durable than the others. Besides, the components can also be high-end as well as it is equipped with the features you may rarely find in any other brands. So, by considering those matters below, it is reasonable if you should choose the balance bike for the kids based on the brands.

Talking about the balance bike brands for the kids; here are some recommendations. The recommended brands from all around the world are WOOM, Strider Sport, Muna, Banana Bike, BMX, Yedoo Too Too, Polygon, London Taxi, WIM Cycle, Cruzee, Critical Cycles, Prevelo, and Islabikes Rothan. But sure, sometimes, it is all about the taste and preference.

The Design

Even though a bike has a very good quality and it is really durable, it often means nothing if the design is not attractive. Well, it even for prevails. Moreover, for the kids, it can be the most important thing.

The design chosen should not be based on your own preference anyway. It is better to ask the kid which one of the bikes they like the most. This way, they can just be more encouraged and interested to ride the bike.

The bike should also have some features designed especially for children. They are in the form of bells, toys, and music players. Particularly for the toddlers around 3 years old and below the age, this kind of bikes must be chosen for them.

Reading the Reviews

In this internet era, reading the product reviews is not something difficult to do. You can just search and read the best balance bike reviews anywhere. Make sure to finally choose the bike that has mostly positive reviews and testimonials. On the other hand, don’t force yourself to buy a bad-reviewed bike even if the design is really stunning and attractive.