Radio Flyer’s Glide & Go vs Strider’s Sport 12 Balance Bike, Who is Better?

radio flyer balance bike vs strider _001
radio flyer balance bike vs strider _001

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If you are looking for a good balance bike for your children, then, the chances are, you will find yourself putting two bikes, Radio Flyer balance bike vs Strider against each other! In this article, in order to help you to choose the most suitable balance bike for your kids, we will review two balance bikes, which are Radio Flyer’s Glide & Go and Strider’s Sport 12 by comparing these two bikes based on several aspects. Which one would trump over the other as the best balance bike?  Also, if you have to choose between them, which one is better for your children? If you are curious about the answer, don’t worry, you will figure it out in this article! So, stay around and read it to the end!

The weight of the frame

The first aspect to be reviewed is how much of the frame weighs. The weight is an important factor since it determines whether it can be ridden by your children with ease. Also, a light bike can make you carry it in an easier way when your children become too tired to ride it.

Glide & Go offers a frame which weighs 6.8 pounds, which is considered to be light as a balance bike for toddlers. This lightweight allows your children to play it with ease and making their maneuvers they perform to be more slick and agile. Also, since it is very light, you can carry it without difficulties when it is necessary. What a convenient bike to ride and carry, is it not? Although it is light, it is inferior compared to its competitor in this aspect.

It has already mentioned that the frame of Glide & Go is light with its 6.8 pounds of weight. However, Sport 12 offers an even lighter frame which weighs 6.7 pounds! Not only that, the 6.7 pounds is the weight of the classic variant of Strider’s Sport 12, while the Pro variant is even lighter, at 5.3 pounds only! You can see that Strider beats Radio Flyer in terms of weight since its lighter weight allows your children to ride it easier compared to the competitor.

The durability of the bike

The next aspect to compare in a match of Radio Flyer balance bike vs Strider is the durability of the bike. Durability is also considered an important aspect because a durable bike means a longer usable time. You will not need to worry that you would have to buy a new balance bike too often if it is built to last. The durability of a balance bike depends on the material used to build it.

Well, Glide & Go has a sturdy frame thanks to its solid steel material. Its strong material allows the bike to have a long age and also enables it to support any children who weigh around 49 pounds without any sign warp or bend. The paint which coats the frame also possesses a protective element to guard it against harsh environments.

When compared to Glide & Go, Sports 12 is slightly inferior. Although it is made with the same material, which is steel, its paint is less protective compared to its competitor since it has a lower quality. However, the aluminum frame used by the Pro model can be considered as a redeeming factor which makes it to be superior to Glide & Go, although it is more expensive.

The size of the bike

You also need to compare the size of the bike because a bike which is too large prohibits your children to ride it freely. Also, a big bike means too much room to consume when it is stored. However, you also need to compare the height of your children to the bike! Your children would not be able to ride a balance bike which is too small!

The seat of Glide & Go has a fancy name, which is Grow-with-me. But is the feature as fancy as its name? Well, the seat is very adjustable and children from 2.5 to 5 years old to ride it. It can be adjusted with 3 different height positions. The lowest height available for the bike is 13 inches and the highest seat position is 18 inches. Although the bike is adjustable, the selection of the heights is not as great compared to Sports 12.

In the Classic model, Sports 12 is inferior compared to Glide & Go since it only offers 11-16 inches of seat height. However, when compared with the Sport and Pro model, Sports 12 trumps its competitor thanks to the option to adjust the seat height from 11 inches as the minimum height to 19 inches as the maximum. When using the Classic model, children with a taller height would not be able to ride it properly, although the Sport and Pro allow children up to 5 years to ride them with the best experience.

The tires

In order to make your children to ride the bike with ease as well as to allow them to maneuver through various kinds of terrain and environment, you need to make sure that the tires of the balance bike are perfectly suitable for such a task. The material of the tires is the key whether the bike is maneuverable or no, since each materials offer different levels of cushioning, or the smoothness of the ride, and traction, or the grip to the road.

By using pneumatic rubber tires, Glide & Go beats its competitor in a landslide. Pneumatic rubber tires offer an undeniably high level of cushioning and traction. Your children will ride smoothly and easily thanks to the tires. Bumpy surfaces and harsh environments become breakfasts for your children when riding this balance bike!

Since Sport 12 utilizes foam tires, it is considered to be inferior compared to its competitor. Why is it inferior? Well, although foam tires are highly durable and virtually require no maintenance, they provide a lower level of traction compared to pneumatic tires. Risk of an accident is higher when using this kind of tire. Besides, foam tires offer no cushioning at all, making things worse!


So, which one is better? In terms of weight and size, Sport 12 is better than Glide & Go since it can be adjusted with a higher variety of height placements and it is made of steel and aluminum. However, Glide & Go has a slight advantage in terms of durability thanks to its protective paint. But, what makes Glide & Go the winner in the match of Radio Flyer balance bike vs Strider is because it uses pneumatic tires which offer the best level of cushioning and traction!