Skuut Balance Bike Review: Classy Look with Good Performance

Skuut balance bike review _001
Skuut balance bike review _001

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Years ago, when you learned how to ride a bike, you used a tricycle or a bike with training wheels. But nowadays, if you want to teach your kid how to ride a bike, you can get them a balance bike instead. A balance bike is meant to replace both tricycle and a bike with training wheels. Lately, a balance bike has also become more popular.

There are some reasons as to why more parents choose to get balance bikes for their children instead of tricycles or bikes with training wheels.

Why Balance Bike is Better Than A Tricycle

A balance bike is better for your child than a tricycle. One of the reasons is because a balance bike has better balance compared to a tricycle. Since it has three wheels, the tricycle is awkward and hard to maneuver. So it has a bigger chance of tipping off, especially when your child rides it on an uneven surface or an angled surface.

While when riding a balance bike, your kid can reach the floor with their feet, so they can have more control of the bike they are riding. Not to mention that if they are tipped off, they will not get hurt as badly if they fall from a tricycle.

Another reason why a balance bike is better than a tricycle or a bike with training wheels is that a balance bike will help your child to learn how to balance themselves. When your child uses a tricycle or a bike with training wheels, they will focus on pedaling instead of balancing. That is why usually, kids who use tricycles or training wheels will take longer to ride a bike without help.

Since balance bike has become popular, there are many companies who make balance bikes. Skuut is one of the first companies that enter the balance bike market. It makes wooden balance bike. If you look at Skuut balance bike reviews, you can find several benefits of having a wooden balance bike.

Unique Look That is Designed by Sport Enthusiasts

Skuut balance bike has a wooden frame with European design, which makes it look classic. It certainly is one of the most attractive balance bikes you can find on the market right now. Skuut has also won several awards from many organizations, such as The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

By getting a Skuut balance bike, you can be assured that you get a quality product. And because it has been approved by organizations that are concerned about safety, you do not need to worry that the bike you purchase can put your child in danger.

Diggin Active is the company behind Skuut. Diggin Active is run by Phil Neal, Jenny Stern, and Nathan Keker. All of them are sports enthusiasts. In fact, they started making Diggin Active in the hope they can encourage more kids to get outside. That is why Diggin Active tries to make toys that bring children to play outside.

Aside from that, Diggin Active is also concerned about the environment. That is why it tries to raise the environmental awareness by working with Tree of Future.

Skuut Is an Eco-friendly Company

One of the reasons why people choose to buy a wooden balance bike is because they have environmental concerns. If you are one of those people, you can be assured that Skuut is an eco-friendly company. It has worked with Trees of Future so everytime a Skuut bike is bought, one tree is purchased. This is one of the pros of getting Skuut balance bike that people write in their Skuut balance bike reviews.

A Skuut balance bike is made of Birchwood with non-toxic lacquer. So you can be sure that it is one of the eco-friendly models.


A Skuut balance bike is made for kids around 2 years old to 5 years old. If you want to get a balance bike for your child, you need to make sure that the weight of the bike is not more than the 30 percent weight of your child. The reason is that if the balance bike is too heavy, it will be hard to maneuver. Kids who love sports and are athletic might be able to handle heavy balance bikes but smaller children are not.

Since a Skuut balance bike is made of Birchwood, you can be certain that the weight of the bike is lighter than the balance bike that is made by steel. In Skuut balance bike reviews, you can see that lightweight is one of the benefits of getting a wooden balance bike.

Skuut Balance Bike Has Good Tires

There are five types of tires for balance bikes. They are foam, air, rubber, plastic, and big apple. Air tires give the best traction and cushion. Unfortunately, this kind of tires can get punctured. This is why some companies choose to use hard plastics for the tires of their balance bikes.

One of the benefits of using hard plastic is it is the lightest material compared to the other four. Unfortunately, hard plastic tires also have the lowest quality.

Skuut balance bike has pneumatic rubber tires. Rubber tires have better traction and cushioning compared to foam tires. Rubber tires are also puncture-proof which means you do not need to worry the tires will be punctured when your child take their bike outside.

Skuut Bike Has Adjustable Seat

When you want to get a balance bike for your child, one of the most important factors you need to think about is the size. Even if balance bikes are said to be able to fit for every age, you should choose the right size for your child. One of the good things you can find in Skuut balance bike reviews is that Skuut balance bike has adjustable seat.

You can adjust the seat of the bike so your child can sit on it comfortably. Aside from that, Skuut balance bike also has good grips so it will lessen the chance of your child fall off of the bike. Skuut balance bike has disc wheels so you do not need to worry your child’s feet will get hurt.

Skuut balance bike also offers good performance for its price. It has a good build for the price you get to pay for it.