The Banana Balance Bike: the LT and GT types to Consider

Banana balance bike _001
Banana balance bike _001

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You should buy a banana balance bike for your toddlers to replace training wheels and tricycle bikes. Balancing is all about when it comes to learning how to ride bikes. You can imagine how great your toddlers may feel if they finally can ride regular bikes without any assistance. The one from Banana among others is one of the bests.

The Banana Bikes

It must be uneasy for you to choose the best type of a banana bike suitable for your toddlers. This article is to introduce the Banana Bike GT and the Banana LT. A general thing you should know is that the LT one is suitable for smaller kids and the GT one is for taller kids. See more information about those two below.

  • Banana Bike LT. This type which is available in bright pastel-colors for the exterior design is good to learn how to ride. This is lightweight and portable so you’ll be easier to bring it everywhere. If you buy a new one, you will have to assemble all of the materials. However, it is so easy to do it since all of the materials are constructed smartly. Its tires are with the foams being able to prevent any punctures. The handlebars and the seat height are easy to adjust. You can locate this bike everywhere in your house since it takes only a little space.
  • Banana Bike GT. This type is for taller kids so this is like an actual bike. The look of this bike is more mature with a glossy finish for the exterior. Like the LT type, the GT type is very easy to assemble since all of the materials are constructed greatly. The handlebars are easy to adjust, and the seat height can be adjusted moderately. The wheels which are with black alloy are designed to make the appearance of the bike even more beautiful. The price is cheaper than the LT type. The tires of the GT type are made from rubber and need air from time to time. Due to its bigger size, this GT type should be located at a certain place since it takes more space.

More facts about the Banana Bikes that we should know

  • Generally, the LT type is good for kids of 2-4 years old and the GT type is for kids up to five years old. It is best to know this since those two surely are different in size.
  • Banana bikes help young children to have strength and coordination before stepping forward to pedaling. Surely, this will make young kids easier to balance. Balancing is the key to be able to ride, remember?
  • How long does your kid take to be able to ride? It depends on him/her. The more active he/she rides the faster he/she can ride. It is not necessary for you to buy a new bike for your toddlers since the banana bikes are designed to have the pedals that can be adjusted for growth.
  • The frame of both GT and LT are the same in size but the wheels are bigger in GT. The seat height is also higher in GT. The handlebars in GT are farther.
  • Scooters, tricycles, and training wheels are not trendy anymore in making your kids able to ride a bike. Banana bikes are good to be given to your kid to make him/her even healthier, happier, more active that leads to being a great human being. They can ride their bike outdoor, with your supervision but without having to assist him/her.
  • If you’d love to buy one for your kids you will have to buy it in the famous online stores available on the internet. Just browse the best for your kids. It is also necessary for you to involve him/her in choosing the right one since it is them who will learn how to ride a bike. Surely they will be happier with the bike of his/her favorite color.

The Latest Version of Banana Bike LT

If you care to buy Banana Bike LT, you may need more information about the latest design with an upgraded seat, upgraded bearings, seat bracket with a faster release, upgraded handlebars, and a stronger metal headset. This new LT bike comes easy when being assembled. This new LT bike is ideal for toddlers of eighteen months and small kids to start learning how to ride a bike. The saddle can be adjusted to the lowest—12.2 inches, which is ideal for starting a journey of biking. This new LT is so light that you can bring it everywhere easily. Small kids will be able to handle this bike easily. The tires like the previous one are with EVA foam which can prevent any punctures. The colors to choose are pastel pink, green, and blue.

The Latest Version of Banana Bike GT

It is available in three colors: pink, blue, and yellow. The alloy of the wheels is jet black in color with hubs to give a smooth look. The handlebars are new with their ability to adjust more reach that is suitable when kids grow up. The height adjustment for the saddle is now faster with a quick release stem. The seats are wider with thicker pads inside. The tires are twelve inches in size. The tires are now designed to have rugged looks, maximum grip, and smooth ride. The saddle adjustment is from 13.4 inches to 18 inches. This is definitely suitable for the kids up to five years old.

So, what do you think? It’s great to know that there are bikes which make our duty to teach our children how to ride a bike easier, right? Although your kids will ride their balance bike Banana LT or GT under your supervision, it is good if you make them disciplined by wearing a helmet, special shoes, gloves, and a knee protector. Safety is everything, right? It is great if the article gives you enough information when you care to buy a Banana balance bike for your own kids.