The Best Balance Bike for 5-Year-Old

Balance bike for 5 year old _001
Balance bike for 5 year old _001

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In order to find the best balance bike for 5-years old, we have spent more than 35 hours looking and researching 5 balance bikes. The bikes we have assembled (and disassembled) are designed for 2-to-7-year old kids. Other than that, the bikes are great to be used at house, parks, and driveway. Among all the bikes, the Strider 12 Sport is the best choice for 5-year old kids.

#1 – Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

The Strider 12 Sport features the lightweight yet strong frame. It is easy to assemble and adjustable for kids from 18 months to 5 years old. It costs about USD 110.

The bike brings the look of simplicity. Other than that, this bike is the most popular bike on the market for a balance bike. People love it because the bike is easy to assemble, can be adjusted, lightweight, and the stand height is only 8 inches. It makes the learning process becomes much easier for kids.

Compared to other bikes, Strider 12 Sport provides friendly narrow handlebars that will be great for toddlers. It also offers a wide range of seat post height adjustability. Even though the bike comes with no brakes, you can upgrade it with the additional foot brake.

#2 – REI Co-op Cycles REV 12 Kids’ Balance Bike

This bike can be touted as the most durable bike and can be used for indoor as well. The frame is made of aluminum, which costs a bit expensive (USD 130). The good thing is that this bike comes with its shock-absorbing feature. Other than that, the tires are made of rubber and filled with air so it is really friendly for indoor use.

However, the bike is heavier than the first option, which is about 9 pounds. It also provides the specific design elements for kids that can be seen on its low top tube. The seat height is adjustable up to 5 inches, while the previous bike offers 9 inches. This bike is easy to assemble. It has the look of high-quality bike judging from the flawless paint, clean welds, and precisely fit components.

#3 – Banana Bike LT V2

If you need a bike with an affordable price and lightweight frame for your kids, then this Banana Bike shall be on your consideration list. Also, it only costs about USD 60. This bike is suitable for 5-year-old kids because the height of its stand over is low and lightweight as well. However, it takes a bit longer to assemble it compared to previous bike options.

Still, the frame is a well-done work, not to mention the handlebars’ wide range of the height adjustability. The seat can also be adjusted up to 3 inches. This bike is comfortable to use on carpeted and paved surfaces. However, it is kind of slippery if you use it on hardwood and linoleum floors. But there is no doubt if this bike is a handsome one that performs really well.

#4 – Woom 1 12-Inch Balance Bike

This bike is simple to create and comes with a handbrake. However, it costs a bit pricey: USD 200. Still, this is going to be the good one for you who want to make a pro kid bike rider.

Basically, the balance bikes are not designed for everyone and the Woom 1 is definitely not giving any compromise. This bike only features some points like simple assembly process, solid bikes, and ideal geometry. So, if money is not your problem then this could be the best balance bike for your 5-year-old kids.

The bike is lightweight (less than 8 pounds). Besides, it offers the ideal riding position. The kids’ legs could snag due to its recessed hardware located at the wheels. As we have mentioned earlier, this bike comes with a hand brake, which brings the riding bike learning to the next level.

#5 – Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike

It costs USD 190. This bike could convert to a pedal bike. The pedals are slightly bigger yet easy to install, which can be a good option for your kids to learn about pedaling for the first time. The size can be adjusted and the bike is pretty geometric. Its wheels’ size is 14-inch, a bit bigger than other balance bikes which is 12-inch.

The pedals are only half-width so your kids could put down their legs without getting whacked by the pedals. Other than that, it will not cause any scrape since there is no sharp cornering. The stem of the handlebar can be raised up to 4 inches. Later, you kids would have a comfortably versatile bike with the proper size.

#6 – LittleBig 3-in-1

This bike is also a hybrid bike which can be converted into the pedal bike. The frame is a bit heavier, more than 11 pounds but it offers two excellent hand brakes installed for the rear and front. There is also the ingenious system which will allow you to flip the frame’s midpoint.

However, the installation process for the pedal is not as easy as the Strider 14x and pretty geometric. If you are interested in ordering one then you need to make it clear if you want the brakes to be installed for the US.

#7 – Glide Bikes Mini Glider

Talking about hybrid balance bike, the Glide Bikes Mini Glider is another hybrid bike under USD 100. The bike size is 12-inch, which will be suitable for any age of a toddler. However, the handbrake with its drum-style does not work that well. The brake also makes the bike weighed down in unnecessarily way. This bike also comes with the no coaster brake (freewheel) pedal option but we do not recommend the add-on option considering it has a marginally effective brake.

The verdict

After we tried various balance bikes, we would recommend the Strider 12 Sport for your kid. It provides a kid-friendly design with high-quality materials, affordable price, easy to find and assemble, not to mention the proper geometry. So, this is up to you to choose which one is the best balance bike for 5-year-old.