The Features of Go Glider Balance Bike

Go glider balance bike _001
Go glider balance bike _001

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Go Glider balance bike is designed for children aged 5 years old to 10 years old. This balance bike is available in 2 types, the one with air tires and another one with foam tires. The one with air tires costs for $149.99 while the foam tires model one costs for $129.99. If you are curious about the features of this balance bike, here they are.

Lightweight Construction

If you are looking for a lightweight balance bike for your kids, this balance bike brand is the rightest choice for you. This balance bike is very lightweight which its weight is only 11 pounds. The super light weight of this bike will provide some easiness for both you and your children. Such as your kids do not have to put a lot of efforts when they have to push the balance bike uphill. You also do not have to work hard to lift it up when particular conditions need you to do so.

But even though its weight is really light, this bike is sturdy and strong enough to give a maximum support. The frame is made from a strong steel so that it is pretty durable.

Adjustable Handlebar and Seat

You sure do not want a balance bike which your children use only for a year or 2 years. You sure want the one which can be used for a long time enough. You want a balance bike that has a lot of comfortable features which can be adjusted in order to make sure it can be used for a while by your children. And Go Glider balance bike is all about those mentioned above. This bike is featured with an adjustable handlebar and adjustable seat.

This balance bike has a comfy grip which is made from a strong yet soft rubber. The handlebar is able to be easily adjusted in 35 inches maximum height. Moreover, the seat is adjustable too. You are able to adjust the seat to the minimum height which is 17.5 inches or to the maximum height which is 25 inches. These adjustable features make this balance bike convenient to be used for the taller children. This is also the reason why this brand of balance bike can be used for 5 years old children until 10 years old children.

Long Lasting and Solid Tires

Sometimes the children ride the bike on a rough, bumpy, and uneven roads. With the Go Glider bike, you do not have to be worried about your kids ride it on that kind of road. Its tires are solid which are installed to its wheels which are made from plastic. Those solid tires are designed in order to make sure the ride is still smooth on any roads. So that your kids are able to explore any road conditions. You as a parent can also free yourself from worry.

Moreover, the amazing design of the tread makes this balance bike is safe to be used on a wet road. The wheels are also supported with the ball bearings in order to give a comfy ride for your kids.

Design of Slow Speed

A high speed is not suggested in a balance bike. The main reason is to prevent the kids from riding with an uncontrolled speed. Especially this type of bike is designed to use on a downhill. But what kind of mechanism which can be used in order to prevent a balance bike from over speeding? A balance bike is featured with slow speed geometry which is able to reduce the speed to a manageable and safer speed level.

The frame of the Go Glider balance bike makes some holds so that you do not have to be worried when your kids ride it downhill. Its slow speed geometry feature allows your children a balance with a speed which is less than 2 miles per hour.

Foot Pegs

Learning a right foot position can be very challenging for young children. It is because most children are not confident to do it, especially when their bikes are moving. Footpegs play a role in helping the kids learn their foot position. The foot pegs are able to be used when you are teaching your kids a right foot position without gliding. Moreover, this feature can be removed.

The Pros of Go Glider Balance Bike

Here are the benefits of this brand of bike.

  1. It is easy to park because of its integrated kickstand.
  2. There are 4 different colors available so that you are able to pick one which your children like.
  3. Its tires are quite durable because they are solid and designed for a bad road condition.
  4. The weight is very light so that your kids can be responsible to take care of their balance bikes.
  5. The low-speed geometry will prevent the kids from riding the bike with over speed. This will surely give you as the parents a peaceful mind.

Tips to Choose A Balance Bike

  1. Consider the ages of your kids. Because their ages will influence their abilities in controlling the body parts. Choose a balance bike which is proper with your kids’ ages.
  2. Consider the distance between the handlebar with the foot. A proper distance between the handlebar with the foot plays a role in your children’s comfort when they ride their balance bikes. Do not pick a balance bike with a too close distance between the handlebar with the foot. So that the kids can easily reach the handlebar. Moreover, the handlebar will not hit their knees when they make a turn.
  3. Pay attention to the condition of the brake. In order to know whether the brake is good or not, you can turn the wheel and hit the brake. If the brake makes a sound, it means the condition of the brake is not good. The brake will influence the safety of your kids when they are riding their balance bikes downhill.

Those are the features of Go Glider balance bike.