Top 5 Balance Bike for 18 Month Old Toddlers

Best balance bike for 18 month old _001
Best balance bike for 18 month old _001

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Top 5 Balance Bike for 18 Month Old Toddlers – The balance bike for toddlers is actually a kind of toys. But undeniably, this toy has so many benefits particularly for the kids’ body development and stimulation. By letting the kids ride the bicycle earlier, it is expected that their balance can be trained well. The movement can make them healthier as well.

Now, the duty of the parents is choosing them the best balance bike which is not only attractive but also qualified. For the best balance bike for toddlers, here is the list.

Yoeyoe Tricycle

Many parents often avoid buying a tricycle for kids since it may be left behind later. Undeniably, it is so true since the regular balance bike with additional wheels seems more effective to be chosen. But you should not worry about buying the tricycle from Yoeyoe.

First of all, the price is quite affordable. Interestingly, it doesn’t lower down the quality of its durable steel as the materials and the thick and strong wheels. At least, when your first child no longer uses it, you can keep it for the second child, third child, and so on.

Second, it has a cool design with some color options. The bike looks compact and modern as well as it has some options for the colors. In general, it is just appropriate for boys and girls.

Third, Yoeyoe tricycle is really comfortable since the seat is equipped by the backrest. The bike is actually designed to make the riders always in a safety. However, there is still no seatbelt so that the safety standard here seems less.

Pros: attractive design, strong and durable, comfortable, and affordable.

Cons: there is no seatbelt and not really lightweight compared to other series.

Angry Bird Tajimaku Tricycle

No one denies that Angry Bird character is extremely cute. So, it is such a good idea to apply this character into the children’s stuff including their balance bike. In other words, the release of the tricycle from Tajimaku with Angry Bird design is just a good idea.

This balance bike is claimed to be strong. The body is indeed not really broken and scratched even if it is all from plastic. Indeed, if you compare it to other bike series from metal, this one seems less.

There are some other accessories and features that make this tricycle is recommended for the toddlers. There is something like a luggage to keep the other toys and the seatbelt is also already there to guarantee the safety.

Pros: cute design with Angry Bird character, quite strong and durable, comfortable, and a high safety standard.

Cons: all materials are from plastic, there is also no controlling stick to ease the parents in helping to manage the bike while being used.

Plan Toys Balance Tricycle

Have you ever thought about the environmentally friendly balance bike for 18 month old? Well, your kids may still not understand how to keep the environment healthy with less waste. But if you have a chance to teach about it since their earlier ages, it sounds better, isn’t it?

The Plan Tows Balance Tricycle is made from high-quality woods that can be recycled. Aside from the woods, all other materials are claimed to be good for the environment. It is reasonable since Plan Toys Company itself is known as a Go-Green company that produces various educative toys for kids.

The tricycle itself is intended for kids starting from below 3 years old who are not learning about pedaling yet. But if any case, you want them to do it, the additional pedals are available. More than that, this bike is also really light and comfortable.

Pros: simple but nice design, environmentally friendly, safe, durable, and comfortable.

Cons: the pedals must be bought separately, the bike is also not recommended for kids below 2 years old.

London Taxi Tricycle

Almost all collections from London Taxi are indeed offered at a quite high price. But you should not worry, the qualities are guaranteed. The design is stunning as well.

This balance bike is designed uniquely and classically with Union Jack motives, particularly on the wheels. The nuance of a classic styleis also seen on the grips that are equipped by the classic bell.

Although anything in this toddler’s bike looks classic, the technology and features available are modern and sophisticated. It is starting from the application of strong but lightweight steel to make it more durable. Meanwhile, the wheels are also soft but study made from EVA polymer.

The luggage is available behind the saddle to keep the toys and other stuff. The body, particularly the saddle and handgrips, can be simply set up to adjust the kids’ body.

Pros: unique look with classic design, strong and qualified materials, simple setup, safe, and comfortable.

Cons: there is no seatbelt so that it is better to be used by the toddlers of 18 month-old or above. Below that age, it is not really recommended except if the body is already stable.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle

This is another balance bike for 18 month old with classic design. The design is unique with attractive striking colors including the red. In term of features, it seems that this bike has the complete ones starting from the comfortable saddle, pedals, handgrips, tray, and even the controlling stick.

The main material is from steel with a chrome layer. Although it sounds too common and not really special, this series is surprisingly lightweight. Some parts if the tricycle body is adjustable starting from the saddle, handgrips, to the controlling stick.

The bike is basically intended for the kids above three years old. However, it can also be used for them below that age. Of course, there should be the help from parents particularly in controlling the bike using the stick available.

Pros: the design is unique with stunning colors, durable and strong steel materials with a chrome layer, lightweight, complete accessories,and features, an adjustable body including the stick.

Cons: there is no seatbelt and basically intended for kids above three years old although below that age can use it as well.