Trek Balance Bike Review and the Guide to Pick the Best Balance Bike

trek balance bike review _001
trek balance bike review _001

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You may need to read the Trek balance bike review before you buy a balance bike for your kid. On the other hand, teaching your kid to balance themselves on the bike is kind of a good lesson after all. Riding a bike at the outdoor will be a good recreational activity for sure.

About the Trek balance bike

So, you need to buy a balance bike for your kid and Kickster from Trek offers something interesting for you and your kids. The bike is available in two colors – pink and black – while you need to spend less than USD 170 to bring this bike home. If you have a plan to buy a balance bike, specifically the Kickster from Trek, you might need to read this article thoroughly.

How to choose the right bike

There are several points you need to pay attention before you buy a balance bike for your kids. Since there are so many brands and types of balance bike out there, you may need to take a look on the internet reviews in the first place. And in this section, we are going to discuss the criteria when it comes to purchasing a balance bike for your toddler.

First of all, you need to consider the weight. Most of the balance bikes are heavy and since this time is the first time your kid rides a bike, it could create another trouble for them. So, it is very thoughtful to go for the lightest one. When riding a heavy bike is a difficult task for adults, the same is happening on your kid too.

Once you have settled with the weight, you should think about the size. In this case, too small is much better than too large. Your toddler will ride to bike to learn about how to balance on the bike. If the bike is too heavy, too big, and too long, the lesson will be a burden for your little one. Go small is definitely better.

The next important thing is the tire. Most of the balance bikes are equipped with the solid tired made of soft foam. Even though this is the lightest and your kid will love it, it is not an ideal tire type after all. When your kid is ready to go on a bike with pedals, the soft-foam tires are already worn out.

Tires made of rubber are typically heavier and those need air. Some people will consider this type of bike because it seems repairable. However, not all of them are repairable. So, if you do not know what to pick or not sure about the options, you may ask the staff but make sure they are trustworthy enough. Besides, do not forget to check the Trek balance bike review and other brands to take a look at what each brand is offering for you.

The Strider balance bike

The Stryder balance bike can be touted as one of the best ones on the market. It is friendly toward your budget and you can buy it online. The bike is lightweight so your kid would love to ride it every day. The tires are using the soft foam material and you can purchase a new tire if it has been worn out. In fact, the tires never get flat and overall, the bike is very lightweight.

However, this bike is a bit slippery and it is not suitable for riding on the slick concrete or other indoor areas. It also is not equipped with a platform or footrests. But it seems to be a pro because the kid will give some effort on kicking themselves to be on the road.

The Critical Cycles Cub balance bike

This bike looks very eye-catching and different compared to other brands. There is a small platform you will find under its seat. It allows a pro kid to prop their heels while coasting the bike downhill. However, it is not a shin basher after all.

The seat can be easily adjusted and will be suitable for kids between 20 months old and 5 years old. The bike is available in various colors that will make your kid loves to ride it every single day. Other than that, the handlebars are equipped with the bulbous grips. It absorbs the shock and protects your little toddler because it does not hurt their hands.

The tires are using the soft-foam tires. You do not need to deal with filling the tire with air. Other than that, the tires work really well on any type of surface, both outdoor and indoor. The manufacturer provides an extremely responsive customer care. They also provide a phone line so you can reach them anytime you need something.

However, some customers report that they should wait up to 8 weeks before the bike has arrived.

The Banana Cycle balance bike

The Banana Cycle provides a low-slung frame so your kid will ride it easily since the stand-over height is not too tall. The seat is about 12 inches in height, which allow the smaller kids to get on easily. Soft foam tires are equipped so you do not need to deal with the hassle of pumping air into the tire.

It is not difficult to assemble the bike and the instructional paper guide is easy to follow as well. Typically, it takes less than 30 minutes to make the bike ready to ride. The seat can be adjusted but it will appropriately accommodate a 3-year-old-kid or a short 4-year-old-kid after all. So, if your kid is a bit tall then this bike could be not the best option for you.

The design of the bike allows you to hang it in the back of your car. The bike itself comes in three pop colors, which would be something interesting for your child.

Actually, there are still several bike brands you can find on the market but these 3 are the best in its class if you need an affordable balance bike. And this is the end of Trek balance bike review.