Velo Balance Bike Reviews for Your Convenience

Velo Balance bike reviews _001
Velo Balance bike reviews _001

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Looking for Velo Balance bike reviews? If you are, then you should look no further for I have several reviews about it. If you are curious, be sure to read all about it.

Balance bikes? What are those?

I have a friend who is very close to me, and that certain friend has a secret that he is somewhat a bit embarrassed with. That secret is one that is pretty well known in our circle, and it is something that I do not think you should be embarrassed about. He did not want to admit it though, and we only found out when there was a biking event that our high school held.

You see where this is going? That secret of my friend is relevant with bikes in that he cannot ride them. Up until this moment, he still cannot ride a bike. I do not know why he could not ride a bike because all the members of his family are able to do so. He is the only person who cannot ride all kinds of two-wheeled vehicles.

While I do not know the exact reason of his inability to ride a two-wheeled vehicle, I reckon he cannot do so because he was never told to ride one when he was still a youngling (that or he rejected every opportunity to ride a bike). It is absolutely normal for one to not be able to ride a bike, and that point should not be seen as a person’s weakness.

However, is it not cool to ride a two-wheeled vehicle? Is it not cool to be able to ride a lot of vehicle types? I do not know about you, but I would like it if I could ride many types of vehicle. Bikes, be it the manual ones or the motorized ones, are one of those vehicle types. Not only that they are cheaper to buy than cars, they can also maneuver through small roads and tight alleys that cars can never be able to pass through. This means that they are practical as well, adding to the many reasons why you should be able to ride a bike.

Alas, every biker has to start small. If there is a person in the world who can ride a two-wheeled bike right after they are introduced to the world of biking, I owe that person a salutation. One example of the ‘small’ thing that bikers can start is a balance bike.

Some people confuse balance bikes and tricycles, and if you have not seen balance bikes in the first place, that confusion is to be expected. The difference is quite marginal, really, and if you see the pictures of balance bikes, surely you will understand the difference. Tricycles are basically a bicycle with three wheels (hence the prefix tri-). Balance bikes are a bit more complicated than that.

In its very basic form, balance bikes are actually bicycles without any form of cycling mechanism in it. It got two wheels like a bicycle, but there is no actual pedal or chains involved in it. You can safely say that a balance bike is a like a bicycle frame with two added wheels. They can be made using two methods, with the first by creating the bike from scratch and the second by refurbishing a used bike into a balance bike.

Some balance bikes are fitted with brakes and any other bike-y things, but all balance bikes are pedal-less. Without a pedal, the only way of moving the bike is to use your feet. It is like baby walkers, but instead of taking a shape of a walker, it takes the shape of a bike. It can be confusing to digest at first, but I believe everything will be clear if you take a gander at one.

Why balance bikes are important for the little ones

Balance bikes are important for your children because they can give a first-hand experience in riding bikes. If your children are used to tricycles, they would need to learn again to balance themselves on a bicycle. In this time, nobody got time to waste, not even children. That is why to save time, I suggest you get a balance bike if you want your children to be able to instantly ride an ordinary bike in the future.

Okay, so where can I get those balance bikes you are talking about?

There are a whole lot of balance bikes vendors in the world, but there is a brand that I would like to recommend to you. The brand that I commended is Velo, thus the reason why I am compiling the Velo balance bike reviews from the internet.

Velo is a ‘branch’ of Y Volution, and Y Volution itself is a brand that is well-known for being a bicycle manufacturer. Logically, a bicycle manufacturer should be able to produce balance bikes as well. Velo did produce balance bikes, and if I have to conclude (based on the reviews I have read), their balance bikes are top-notch.

Oh? What can you tell me about it?

The bike is pretty strong and durable (it is made of aluminum), but the amazing thing about it is its weight. One might think that a bike made of metal might be heavy, but you would not find such a problem with this bike. The bike is not heavy at all, and children aged three and up can easily lift it back if it falls.

Everything about this bike screams comfortable because of the rubber in nearly every part of the thing. The seat? Made of rubber. The grip? Of course, it is rubber. The wheels? You guessed it correctly if you answered rubber. The material for those three things I have mentioned above is no cheap material as well, which is perfect if you are looking for quality.

Talking about numbers, the bike itself can hold up to 25 kilograms, the normal range for children aged 3 or more (but no more than 6). It weighs at 4 kilograms at most and it is not that intrusive because it is pretty small. Those are all the things I can get from the many Velo Balance bike reviews I have got.