What Are the Best Balance Bike for 4 Year Old?

Balance bike for 4 year old _001
Balance bike for 4 year old _001

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Balance bike for 4 years old is perfect for preschoolers as the majority of bikes are available for toddlers. However, balance bike provides bike handling skills kids have to master a pedal bike. Hence, this bike can improve kids confidence in reading bike easily without being worried about forcing them to use a pedal bike quickly.

What to consider when buying a balance bike?

There are several things that you need to use as considerations when you want to buy a balance bike for kids. Besides looking for a bike that bigger than the one you buy for a toddler, you should check some of the important features the bike has. This actually will determine whether the bike is suitable for your kids or not.

Choosing types of tires

Many people like to use air tires or pneumatic tires compared with foam or plastic tires. This tire offers better ride not only for toddlers but also for all ages. Preschoolers whose ages commonly around 4 years old is rather aggressive and enjoy faster ride than a toddler. Pneumatic tires come with superior traction making it safer to use in various tracks including grass, gravel, or off roads.

Introducing kids to handbrake

The eye and hand coordination in kids develops when they are at the age of 3 so that handbrake is considered important when you plan to buy them a bike. In this age, they usually try to ride fast and use their toes to stop the bike instead of using the proper way. You can use this opportunity to buy a balance bike with a handbrake. You need to ensure that the brake is not only easy to pull but also comes in an appropriate size. Making the kids know the function of brake since they use a balance bike helps to develop their skill and ability to use the same features when they move into a pedal bike.

Know the right size

4-years-old kids will match well to use a balance bike ranges from 14” to 16” that some of them have a bigger frame and higher seat heights. The size of a balance bike is associated with its wheel size not the frame size like the majority of people think about. Measuring kids inseam is important prior to buying them a bike since it will determine the minimum seat height needed. At least, you get a bike 2” less than maximum seat height because it provides room to develop.

Take a price into account

Most parents will always try the best to make their kids happy so that they are willing to spend much money for everything the kids need. However, you have to be realistic because 4-years-old kids will not use a balance bike for a long time and soon transfer to a pedal bike. If you have more than one kid and find a balance bike with good features, it is okay for you to purchase it. However, never spend much of money only for something looks good but bad in quality. So, it is essential for you to know the quality of the bike first.

You may consider the weight

Weight perhaps is a factor that is less concerned when looking for a balance bike for 4 years old. However, for kids in this age, people like to choose a bike with lighter weight as it makes kids easier doing the maneuver as well as riding faster. Kids at this age require a bike which weighs around 13 pounds or you can choose weight less than that.

Best options of balance bike for 4-years-old kids

Woom 1 is one of the balance bikes that have many fans in the worlds. It is even more popular when the company announced to launch a new bike for preschoolers that come with a larger size. Available in dual hand brakes, Woom 1 Plus is equipped with many good features including a “surfboard” designed for coasting, seatpost collar, changeable steering limiter, and so forth. It has 132 pounds for maximum weight which means that it not only can be used by kids but also adults.

Another option that can be added into your list when you plan to buy a balance bike for your kids is Ridgeback Scoot XL. Scoot XL offers a bike with two seatposts that are designed to support kids growth as well as widely enough adjustable handlebar that is perfect for preschoolers who are quite energetic. The aluminum frame of the bike is not only durable but also available in a number of vivid, interesting colors. It is very long lasting even when kids use it every day. Even though Scoot is considered a balance bike that sold at a middle price but the features are worth the price because it has an additional bell, internal cable housings, as well as back v-brake.

Besides Woom 1 Plus and Ridgeback Scoot XL, there is also a Stampede Charger that serves as a good option for kids in the age of 4. A balance bike with Stampede brand is actually recommended for parents that looking for a bike for preschoolers but put the price into first consideration. The size of the bike is 16” so that it can be used by kids of this age quite easily and comfortably. Additionally, it is equipped with functional features such as high-quality pneumatic tires, easy-to-operate handbrake, and a lightweight bike frame.

Some of the kids might be more interested in a balance bike that can be used for doing bike style. If so, then LikeaBike Jumper can be a perfect choice for you and your kids. By having this bike, your kids can bring it to the park, bike track, or even trail-liked way.  Compared with other balance kids that available in the market today, LikeaBike Jumper is quite unique because it comes with a shock. The presence of this features actually makes the bike has the ability to jump. Even though your kids have transferred into a pedal bike, the likely still love to ride their balance bike. The great features it has also made it an interesting balance bike for 4 years old.