What Is a Balance Bike with Brakes? Is It Important for Children?

Balance bike with brakes _001
Balance bike with brakes _001

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A balance bike with brakes is a right choice for your children. This bike has some sizes. The smallest size can be ridden by the 18-month child. The children ride a balance bike when they are 2 to 5 years old. Make sure to select the right size, materials, and model of the balance bike. A balance bike can be used properly if the children step down the floor.

Benefits of Riding a Balance Bike with Brakes

There are some benefits why the children are riding the balance bikes with brakes successfully. The benefits are mentioned as follows.

Making Children’s Body Coordination Better

A balance bike is a tricycle and training wheel. With a balance feature, the body coordination of the children from balance bike makes. The third-years old children can change the option of the balance bike with brakes without the help of training wheels.

Adapting Quickly

The design of a balance bike with a brake is so flexible and light. It is like the two-wheel bike with pedals. It is making the children adapt quickly when they start to ride with two-wheel bikes. The balance bike is easily used on the bad contour road. It is possibly ridden on the rocky roads.

Flexible and Ergonomic

A balance bike is more flexible and ergonomic depending on the tricycle. The children can ride it easily. Tricycle is not efficient if you ride it for further distance. The tricycle is embedded by the handle so that the parents can force tricycle when the children are tired. It makes the children’s addicted to the parents during bicycling it.

Training A Motoric Balance

The children riding a balance bike can train their motoric balance and the balance on both brain spaces, the left, and right brain. This is caused by the synergy of all aspects and total coordination between eyes, hands, legs, body, and brain. The design of a balance bike is flexible and slim easing the children to learn balance in empowering turning movement, zigzag, sliding and turning.

Making the Children Brave and Careful

Training in bicycling a balance bike is a challenging activity. The children can face the challenges and pain when they fall from the bike. They can easily rise during bicycling. The children will get trained of being brave, careful, and have the control of their body movement better.

Balance Bike with Brakes Vs Two – Wheel Bike with Training Wheels

A balance bike teaches toddlers and children to bicycle a bike with a good balance. The bike with training wheels is supporting the children when they are imbalanced. As the imbalance position happens, the children will bicycle the bike sloping. Training wheels will support the children so that they are not fallen. As the children learn two-wheel bike without training wheels, they will learn on how to ride the bike and learn a balance. With a balance bike, the children will master self-balance techniques when they are riding since the first time bicycling it.

How to Ride A Balance Bike with Brakes

A balance bike with brakes can be played with the children legs. There are no pedals on the balance bike. The children naturally lift the legs when they balance themselves during bicycling a balance bike quickly. The question may appear about the placement of the children’s legs during riding it and ways on bicycling without pedals. The children actually don’t ask it but they try it to bicycle.

For the children, moving actively is a must. This is used to train the body muscles and the flexibility of the children. One of the ways to make the children move actively is bicycling. With this balance bike, the children can train motoric systems. The children can train reflex and body coordination. The ways on bicycling seem to be simple but it can help the children grow physically and mentally.

You should concern on the used balance bike. Make sure that it is appropriate for their age levels. For example, if they are learning at early phases, it is right to select the small balance bike. Without recognizing this bike, it is difficult for the children to ride the bicycle. For the children mastering the bicycling skills, it is right to select bigger balance bikes with brakes.

Recommendations of the Balance Bike with Brakes

There are some recommendations of the balance bike with brakes to choose for your children.

12 – Inch Balance Bike

For the children at 2 to 4 years old, generally, the children use a balance bike with brakes with 12-inch size. The bike is the smallest one. The bike generally has two wheels on the back, left, and right sides. The bicycle is very appropriate for the children learning to bicycle.

16 – Inch Balance Bike

This bike has a wheel diameter size of 16 inches. This is generally used for the children at 4 to 6 years old. The size of this bike is working for children requiring the high of 100 to 125 cm. This bike has a handbrake. It is not completed by aids wheels because the children have used it in a period of bicycling the balance bike.

20 – Inch Balance Bike

Buying a balance bike should be careless. It needs to concern the height of the children and skills in bicycling. For the children at 8 years old, they have to start this balance bike. The right bike choice is a 20 – inch balance bike. This bike is aimed at the children with the age of 8 to 12 years old. It is a right choice for the posture of the children.

24 – Inch Balance Bike

The 24 – inch bike is generally aimed at the children getting older. But, it is possibly used for the children. This is a right size for the children with the height of 135 to 163 cm. You can give it to the children at 9 to 12 years old. This is the biggest balance bike with brakes. Those are some things of the balance bike with brakes to know.