What the Beginners should know about BMX and Why 2015 Kink Curb Bike is the Best BMX Bike

2015 kink curb bike _001
2015 kink curb bike _001

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If you are a new guy in the field of BMX riding, you might want to pick the 2015 Kink Curb bike for your first BMX bike to ride. Although BMX bike has become the type of bicycle most commonly heard by people, there are only a few of them who actually know about the true definition of it. By the way, the history of the BMX bike is also not short either since it has been around for a considerable amount of time. Now, are you interested in the fact regarding the BMX bike? This article will discuss everything about the BMX bike that should be known by newbies, as well as a short review of why the Kink Curb bike released in 2015 is the best BMX in the entry level.

What a BMX bike actually is

Well, in order to explain what a BMX bike really is, you will need to know that BMX stands for bicycle motocross. And, the best way to explain is that a BMX bike is a bike which is used to perform two types of off-road sport, which are racing and performing stunt when riding the bike. Usually, the bikes on the market which are classified as the BMX bikes have a simple but solid frame and fork to allow its rider to perform the off-road sports mentioned earlier. Since their design is both solid and simple, there is no doubt that a BMX bike is easier to ride and cheaper to maintain compared to the other types of a bicycle for sale. Also, based on the type of sport, BMX bikes are classified into two styles that are remarkably distinctive: racing, where a BMX bike is designed purely for speed and is the first type of BMX ever designed, and freestyle, where a BMX bike is designed to allow the rider to perform tricks and stunts, a relatively new style of BMX.

The history of BMX bikes

BMX bikes appeared for the first time in the early seventies in the United States of America as a learning tool for kids who are interested in the field of motocross riding. However, it was able to gain a fame of its own and managed to create a new sport dedicated to BMX riding. The popularity of BMX was booming significantly ten years after its invention, and the United Kingdom was the place where BMX became extremely popular among the eyes of the younger riders.

The features of a BMX bike

Let’s start discussing the features of a BMX by its frame. The most common material to construct the frame of a BMX bike is aluminum, although some economical and entry-level BMX bikes, such as 2015 Kink Curb bike, choose a cheaper material, like the high-tensile steel, to construct them. Aluminum is popular because it is both light and durable, allowing the bike to perform adequately at its intended job.

The fork of a BMX bike is also tough since it is the part where the weight of the rider is centered when performing a stunt. To achieve a high level of durability, carbon fiber is the most popular material used by the high-end ones. Others, such as 2015 Kink Curb bike, use a cheaper alternative to suppress cost production while still regaining strength. The most popular material used by low-end BMX bikes is, like the frame, high-tensile steel. This makes most of the BMX bikes available are super tough, as tough as Superman! Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but it’s the best way to describe the toughness of a BMX bike.

BMX bikes usually have two brakes, but most riders tend to remove the front brake to have a better speed and flexibility. The 2015 Kink Curb bike uses Mission brakes as its front and rear brake. This kind of brake provides an adequate grip for your own safety.

In terms of drivetrain, a BMX bike usually uses one, two, or three pieces of a crank. The first kind of crank is the simplest of them all, while the three-piece crank is the most complicated yet the strongest kind of drivetrain available. To maximize strength, 2015 Kink Curb bike uses the three-piece 170mm Mission Triumph crank as its drivetrain. However, most low-end bikes tend to use the first or the second type instead since they are the cheapest options available.

Why Kink Curb Bike is the best?

Well, to start, Kink BMX has become one of the finest BMX bike manufacturers worldwide. Over the years, they have released several models of BMX bikes exported around the world. Also, they focus not only on the professional riders but also to new players who just started to feel the field of BMX riding as well. By choosing Kink BMX, you will be offered a wide variation of BMX bikes from various levels, as well as price range! Now, let’s see why the bike which was released by the company in 2015 is the best bike for beginners!

The reason why the Curb bike manufactured by the Kink BMX in 2015 is the best entry level for BMX riding is that the price is very cheap compared to most of its competitors in the market. To make a bike with such a cheap price, you must be betting that there are several features sacrificed. Well, that’s not actually true since “substitution” is a more suitable term. For example, the bike chooses to use high-tensile steel to keep the price low, but in terms of durability, it is not to be questioned because it is absolutely strong.

What are the other things you would love from the bike? Well, the fork is durable as well, although made with a cheaper material. The rims of the bike are able to provide a smooth acceleration thanks to the Mission X7, known as the best brand of bike rims. Overall, the bike allows you to feel the experience of being a professional rider without the need of expending too much money. Have you decided to buy a 2015 Kink Curb bike today?