What You Can Get from Trek Kickster Balance Bike

Trek kickster balance bike _001
Trek kickster balance bike _001

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Trek kickster balance bike becomes one option of balance bike which can be chosen for the kids. Before the kids are able to ride the bike, they have to learn about the balance first. Some parents choose to give them the actual bike but to make sure that the kids are safe during their balance learning, balance bike must be a better choice.

Nevertheless, choosing the right balance bike will be very tricky. There is no need to worry of course because you can trust your kid’s balance learning to the balance bike by Kickster. Let’s learn further about things which can be done with this bike for the little ones.

Why Choose Trek Kickster Balance Bike

Why do the kids need balance bike? If you want to raise the kids who could be the next winner of the famous Tour de France, there is no doubt that you have to train them from very young age. Of course, it does not mean that you have to send them right to the race. The very first step which should be done is helping the kids to ride the bike.

Bike riding for many kids will not be easy things to do. It gets worse with parents who are too worried about their kid’s safety. Balance bike becomes the answer. The kids will learn about balance from this bike and it will be easier for the kids to learn to ride. There is no more need to use training wheels before going to two wheelers bike. It can be done in no time.


The technology which is offered by Kickster surely will make parents want to buy their kids this balance bike. It has frame which is made from lightweight aluminum. The weight of the bike is only 3.97 kilograms. The geometry of the frame is very easy to step through. Of course, the bike is precisely designed for the children who have short legs.

There is another technology aspect which will ensure the safety of the kids such as the steering limiter. With this technology, the front wheel cannot be turned all the way around by the kids. There is no way it can be turned too quickly as well so the danger risk can be reduced greatly.

Parents can also help the kids during their balance training with this product because it comes with a handle. Flat tire will not be a problem for this unit because it comes with 12 inches sized wheels and tires from high density foam. It means that there is no need to pump the tire over and over again.

Teach Kids How to Ride

Many parents find difficult time when training the children to ride. The kids might be worried yet exciting with their bike training but parents have bigger worry about their safety. The ride training can be much easier and less worrying with Kickster after all.

Parents have to wait until certain age for having the kids using training wheels. With the balance bike, the kids can start learning about how to balance at very young age. There is no need to wait for long time until the kids feel comfortable and also confident for riding the bike for big kid. They must be very proud and happy.

Things to Love

People might be looking for the best balance bike because it is very popular among parents. There are some reasons which make you love trek kickster balance bike. Balance bike is very popular with a brief reason. It really works for helping the kids learn about the balance and ride the real bike faster, easier, and safer.

You do not have to wait or think twice for getting this bike for your kids because it can be a great memory maker with the kids. Kids will grow very fast and it must be so much better to collect as much memory as possible especially about their first learning time. The kids riding the bike for their very first time must be a proud moment for them and for parents it will be a memory which will never be forgotten.

The balance bike from Kickster can be an important and useful investment for the family. It comes with high quality so it will have great performance for long time. You only need to buy the bike once and it can be used by the younger siblings. Although it is inherited, the bike can still feel like a new bike.

Many parents buy the bike for their kids at the same place where they buy their groceries. It can be very common thing to do nowadays but the bike for kids should be bought from people who really know about the kid’s bike. This balance bike is surely assembled by the professionals in kids’ bike world.


The key features which are found on this balance bike will make you convinced to get it for your kids. The frame must be the very first important feature which must be paid attention carefully. Alpha aluminum is used for bike frame.

The material has high performance specification. It is shaped and also tuned perfectly for ensuring that the ride quality of the balance bike cannot be matched by other products. This must be the reason why this bike can be family investment so the children can learn how to balance the bike in no time.

The components of the bike are dialed fit by Trek. This feature will ensure that the bike can be adjusted for the kids along with the growth spurt. The bike will be able to be dialed so it can be perfectly fit for the kids when they get bigger.


Is it necessary to fit the size of the bike? Yes, it is important but Trek has recommendation about the sizing of the bike for the kids based on the height. Nevertheless, other factors including the length of the leg and arm must be considered for finding the perfect fit for the kids. The local retailer will help you find the perfect fit of trek kickster balance bike.