Which One is Better: Strider Balance Bike VS Radio Flyer

Strider balance bike vs radio flyer _001
Strider balance bike vs radio flyer _001

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Nowadays, there are so many variations of bicycles. If you like to ride a bike together with your kids, when they get to the age of 2 to 5 years old, they will need their own bikes. Deciding a starter bike for your toddler can be tricky. Strider balance bike or radio flyer can be the options. But which one is better? Which one suits your toddler and you need the most? This following section will help you decide depending on your necessity.

Strider Balance Bike 

This Strider bike is often the first choice when parents are going to buy a balance bike. In general, the Strider balance bike has a well-built frame with a simple design you need. Its sturdy frame can hold a kid with 18 months to 4 years old figure. A beginner bike learner can use this to practice balance first without the need to push bike pedals. A kid can start by walking on the bike to running when she or he has understood to cope with the bike. After that, when a kid has already figured out to maintain the balance, she or he can just glide on the track without the legs touching the ground.

You can bring this Strider balance bike home varied from $100 to $170 depending on the model you need. Particularly for Strider balance bike, it has Classic, Sport, and Pro models. The differences are the height of the seat and the material of the frames. The Classic and Sports models have steel as the frame, while Pro model has an aluminum frame. The differences in materials used resulting on differences in the weight of these bikes. Other than that, the differences are Sport and Pro models have mini grip handlebars, padded seat, and can be adjusted without tools.

With all the features mention above, there are some benefits and weakness. The positive side of the Strider balance bike is its lightweight and not difficult to direct. Although this bike has no cushioning with foam tires. The kid might be uncomfortable to ride the bike on bumpy tracks and only convenient on smooth surfaces. On the other hand, the foam tires can come in handy since it needs less maintenance and will not go flat. A spacious gap between the saddle and the grip is another benefit of the Strider balance bike. This allows kids to extend their legs when they are trying to run or glide on the bike. The good geometry design of Strider provides enough room for their legs. Yet on the other side, this bike cannot be ridden by taller or bigger kids though they are on the age range the company suggests.

Radio Flyer Balance Bike 

Radio Flyer released a balance bike as well that has a competitive quality and price in the balance bike market. Radio Flyer is recommended for kids around 2.5 years old to 5 years old. Its strong frame is made out of steel. Hence, the weight of the bike is only 9 pounds. With this little weight, it is also can be ideal for your toddlers to handle. The maximum weight of capacity for this Radio Flyerbike is up to 49 pounds. Similar to other general balance bikes, by using Radio Flyer your kid may learn to balance herself or himself before learning a regular bike with pedals. In order to get used to balancing their body, they can walk first before running on this bike. Once they have already understood to maintain the balance, they will be able to glide with their legs stretched. It is also important for your kids to be able to handle the steer while balancing themselves.

With only half of $100, your kid would already be able to start learning to ride this Radio Flyer balance bike. Since there is only a single model of balance bike released by Radio Flyer (Glide and Go), you will not need to pick more. The height of the saddle of this bike is also adjustable to your kid height. This can be a plus as your kid can grow along with the bike. In addition, Radio Flyer also adds ringing bell on the steer of the bike. This put a more classic design on the bike. Not only for an aesthetic reason, the ringing bell is also a right tool for the safety of the bike rider. This Glide and Go model comes with 12” size and non-inflatable tire. As the tires are made of foam, this makes the wheels free from any punctures.

Over and above, balance bike from Radio Flyer also has pros and cons among the consumers who have been using it. Many reviews said that the durability of the saddle is not good enough since many said the saddle got torn down or cracking. Answering the complains, the company provides replacements for damaged saddles by filling up a form required. Besides, the bike does not come with footrests and brake kits. You may not be able to add more accessories is also another limitation of its adaptability. In spite of the cons, there are some pros you want to know as well. With steel as the material of the bike frame, the durability does not need to be doubted anymore. It can last longer with regular use. Another plus side of Radio Flyer balance bike is the affordable price which is lower than other balance bicycles on the market.

It is necessary to be noted as well that a good balance bike should weight less than 30% of a kid’s body weight. Moreover, the lighter the bike means the better it is for a kid. With a lightweight bike, a kid will not encounter trouble to pick the bike up when they fall since it is not heavier than her or his own body weight. It is also easier for a kid to control the bike and they can do more experiments for their biking experience. After knowing the two sides of Strider Balance Bike VS Radio Flyer, you are ready to get your kid start learning to cycle now.