Why Wooden Bike is More Preferable for Balance Bike for Toddlers

Wooden balance bike for toddlers _001
Wooden balance bike for toddlers _001

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Do you know how to take a pick whether you should a metal or wooden balance bike for toddlers, or just want to know about their pros and cons? At first, choosing the best material that constructs the frame of a balance bike you’re about to buy seems like a trivial matter. However, you will need to remove that mindset away because frame material is one of the most crucial factors to be considered when you want to buy a balance bike, whether it is a metal or wooden balance bike for toddlers. The material frame of a bike decides whether the balance would be durable or fragile, heavy or light, and whether it would be cheap or expensive. Now, let’s head to the rest of the article so that you know why wood will be the best material for your toddlers’ balance bike!

What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is not the same as a conventional bike that is more commonly used by older children and adults alike. A balance bike is a small bike designed purposely without any pedal and provides its user with a wide space of legs, without obstruction. The reason why there is no pedal in a balance bike is that it is designed for toddlers to help them to know about balance, the toddlers will learn how to gain and maintain their balance properly on a balance bike. Some experts also say that balance bikes provide a better learning to toddlers compared to tricycles and small-sized conventional bikes equipped with training wheels due to the fact that although learning with a balance bike is somewhat more difficult than learning with either a tricycle or a conventional bike with training wheels, toddlers will have a more natural experience when learning to gain balance, since a harder work is always more rewarding, even at the early years for your children. On the other hand, you should be aware of how to choose the best balance bike and there are several factors, including the frame material.

Advantages of wooden balance bike

Most wooden balance bike for toddlers that are sold on the markets are made of birch wood. The birch wood (birch wood is popular since the wood itself is well-known for its lightweight while still maintaining its strength and durability) used to make a balance bike must be processed into plywood at first before it can be processed and designed further as a balance bike. The plywood boards are then either glued as one or screwed and bolted together; they are glued if the woods are too thin and screwed and bolted if they are too thick. Plywood is a more popular choice than solid wood as a material for balance bikes since plywood is more resilient against any possibilities that make it get warped or cracked. Then, lacquer is used as a finisher and as an effective attempt to give the balance bikes a resistance against the effect of water, although it is still mandatory to keep wooden balance bikes from water as far as possible, thankfully, marine-grade wood is now widely used by manufacturers in order to make their products as water-proof as they could be.

Now, what are the advantages of wooden bikes? Below is a list of pros you can get when you decide to choose a wooden balance bike to purchase. Let’s check them out, shall we?

  1. Does not possess too much weight

It is an undeniable fact that most of the wooden bikes on the market weigh lower compared to their metal counterparts since woods rarely outweigh metals. Due to its low weight, a wooden balance bike for toddlers is easier for them to maneuver and take a proper control. Also, the bike lessens the burden on the parents’ thanks to its lightweight; you would not have to carry a heavy bike when your kids get too exhausted to carry by themselves. Unfortunately, there are some wooden bikes which weights exceed the weight of metal bikes, so you will have to choose more carefully and to measure the weight precisely before you decide to buy!

  1. More friendly to the environment

One of the most popular reasons to choose wooden bikes is because they are made of wood, which makes them environmental-friendly. Wood is a better selection for people who are natural-minded since wood is a reusable material and does not affect the earth as heavily as how metal materials do. But if your bike is made of wood, then the manufacturer must have been cut a tree, so you are harming the earth as well! Well, this is partially true, since most manufacturers build wooden balance bikes with every environmental method available. Balance bikes that hold a certificate of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) are widespread now!

  1. Moderate range of seat adjustments

The availability to adjust seat is a must for any bikes, and wooden bikes are also subject to that fact. A wooden bike is always providing a great seat height to your toddlers since it possesses various kinds of seat height offered. Although it is always adjustable, please keep in mind that wooden bikes usually are inferior to metal bikes in this sector. Yes, the seat is adjustable and offers up to two or three positions of seat height, but metal bikes offer more than those numbers mention as their seat adjustment.

  1. Price

Although it is not absolute, mostly, wooden balance bikes come with a lower price compared to the metal ones. Because, you know, wood is cheaper than metal. Although there are several cases where metal bikes are sold cheaper than wooden ones, usually because the bikes use metal with lower quality, or the wooden bikes are embedded with many features that are rarely found. You will have to research more thoroughly before you decide which one to buy too quickly. Well, now you know why wood is a good material for balance bikes! Now, go to the store and buy the best wooden balance bike for toddlers!