Why You Should Buy a Balance Bike from the Shop for Your Kids

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balance bike shop _001

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Perhaps you wonder about the best way to teach your kids to ride, should you buy a balance bike from a balance bike shop or pick other alternatives? Obviously, the balance bike is better because it has many special traits that none of its competitors seem to possess. But first, do you know the entire history of balance bikes and bikes in particular? No, this topic is definitely worth to discuss because by viewing the history of bicycles, you can get the information why a balance bike is a better tool of training compared if you use either tricycles or training wheels. Now, let’s head to the rest of the article you will find useful!

The orthodox training

Before we read about the reason why you need to buy a balance bike, first we need you to take your time and have a nostalgic daydreaming session about the first time you were training to ride a bicycle. No one could ever forget such a memorable moment, right?

Now, you’re imagining yourself as a child, you are a tiny child who feels extremely nervous on his brand new bike due to his first time on riding such thing. However, you put your faith to your father and the training wheels attached to the rear wheels of your bicycle. One day, the time has come to remove the tiny training wheels which have helped you to ride your bicycle, until now. At first, your father’s solid grip holds the seat of your bicycle while he is running to assist you. Suddenly, he releases his grip so that you can ride independently. Instead of cruising, you end up falling with your face touches the pavement. What a remarkable memory to remember!

Training to ride with training wheels has been appointed as the standard method for several generations. A series of a moment which involve unscrewing the bolt, releasing training wheels, watching a little kid stumble, then repeat, has become a honorable ritual occurred during our precious childhood. Has it ever crossed your mind that there is another way, which is a much better way than this?

If balance bikes are put next to a pair of old and historic training wheels which have been used over the course of time and are compared to each other, then at first, these balance bikes seem like a modern way to burn your money, a hilarious parody which new families would buy (seems like they’re buying a non-functioning bike). However, there is a fact that balance bikes are nowhere close to be called as modern inventions. In fact, balance bikes are the direct descendant of the ancestor of bicycle. Balance bikes have enjoyed a success recently established with a proper reason; which is as a remedy to fix the harms that all this time have been caused by the cute tiny training wheels!

The disaster of training wheels

Before we continue to the section where you have to buy a bike from a balance bike shop, no one is certain when training wheels rose up to popularity, though some history researchers agreed that the first time they became popular was during the early half of the twentieth century. However, everyone knows the reason why the training wheels were widely used; they were the way to solve a problem when someone tried to ride a bike, which was the way to persuade someone to mount on something which obviously will tumble.

To ignore how counterintuitive the way to ride a bicycle is not a hard thing. In order to maintain the balance of the bicycle, then you have to turn the handle to where the lining bike is directing. Such activity has been programmed into our brain so that you are never aware when you are doing it when riding on a bicycle. But the problem is that the children who ride a bike for the first time are aware when they are doing it. Even Mark Twain himself had to contemplate and write after he memorized his first riding experience, from which he said that a new way of training was definitely needed to replace the ineffective old way.

What makes riding a bicycle harder is that you will absolutely need to accept its uncertainty wholeheartedly. If you suddenly relax your body when trying to ride a bicycle, then it is an absolute fact that you will fall shortly after. If you lose your concentration, then you surely will lose your balance which is an utmost importance when riding a mean of transportation which requires balance, which is the bicycle.

So, how did the people find a solution regarding this matter? Well, during the time when a bike is still a new wonderful invention, most of them were puzzled about how to maintain balance properly, so they created a shortcut, which is adding extra wheels! Tricycles had been around before the dawn of training wheels, even they were available for kids and adults alike! Things seemed to get better now, right?

Unfortunately, extra wheels and training wheels only solve one obstacle we found when attempting to ride a bicycle, which is pedaling (and it is the easiest problem). They still had not solved the problem to gain and maintain balance! Training wheels made learning to ride a bicycle to be much harder because you would have to learn again totally when they were removed from your bike.

Then, David Wilson, a professor of MIT, argues that training wheels should be removed and never be put to a bike at all and let people touch their feet on the ground when learning to ride a bicycle in order to let them adjust themselves when finding balance. Shortly after, a device similar to balance bikes was invented in Germany, and then a balance bike shop started to appear a few decades later.

The best part of balance bikes

Now, why are balance bikes make the better tool than training wheels? Because balance bikes allow your children to learn and find a solution to the problem on how to balance themselves when riding. Kids who use a balance bike ride faster and maintain a steadier balance compared to their friends who use training wheels. They become able to understand the way to balance their body. When they manage to proceed to conventional bikes, all they have to learn is how to pedal the bike, and it is a trivial task. Although pedaling while maintaining balance requires its own trick, it is still much easier to learn compared to learn how to balance yourself while pedaling the bike.


Training wheels are historical mistakes that should never be invented and no one understands why they thought it would be good if they use those things. Balance bikes were invented as a resort to fix that mistake, and you surely should buy this half-century shortcut and save your children from the training wheels. Now, does this article able to convince you to go to the nearest balance bike shop?