Y Velo Balance Bike Reviews Show You How the Bike Can Train Children Blance

y velo balance bike reviews _001
y velo balance bike reviews _001

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Y Velo balance bike reviews will give you the reason why this bike provides your kids with the opportunity to improve their balance skill. This balance bike is inspired from the importance of having good balance on kids as it keeps them upright. It is both important for their growth and having them fun on the road. Get closer to a balance bike

A balance bike is a child bike designed to help them in the process of balancing. That’s why; it is designed without any pedals. It is because the maker believes that balance should be mastered by the kids prior to pedaling. It will help to lower the risk of injury from falling as well as offer better enjoyment in learning to balance the body.

Some people might perceive that their children do not really need this kind of bike. However, this training bicycle has helped many preschoolers to build their confidence and get them used to the saddle. Although there are many kids that use traditional bike with pedals and stabilizers to learn, the disappearance of pedals on this bike actually will help children more.

Let’s unboxing the bike package

The bike is packed in a strong box that comes with handle but it is pretty easy to move. It seems heavy by the look so people might be worried their children will be difficult to use it when it gets assembled. It is pretty easy to assemble as you commonly need around 10 minutes to get it done. Even when you never assemble any kids’ bike before, you absolutely will able to do it because it comes with two pairs of Allen keys and a set of instructions with pictures. So, you can directly demonstrate it to the right order. With the quick process of assembling, you can make your kids master the balancing, gliding, and accustomed in handling a bike.

Trying to ride the bike

Perhaps, it will take your kids a little while to get used to this bike as the will be difficult to sit down on the saddle and feel comfortable. Sometimes the seat might be a little high or low for the kids. You can adjust the height previously so that it is perfectly on your kids’ tiptoes. The bike comes with adjustable seat and handles bars that support their growth. Once your kids get used to it, they will be very easy to handle the bike.

Children can easily stop the bike by stepping their feet firmly on the ground. Perhaps, in the beginning, parents can help children can help kids by giving a little push from the back. The padded hand grips are pretty comfortable and it has quite large wheels which is suitable to use in pavements with some bumps. It is not really heavy because children usually can steer it with ease. It features a built-in steering limiter that allows them to maintain control when using the bike in the park and prevent it to hit something.

Specifications of a balance bike

Through Y Velo balance bike reviews you will know the specification of this balance bike which makes it different from the traditional model. Its frame is made from sturdy aluminum but it is quite lightweight to be used by children. The wheels come with rubber part to provide extra comfort when being ridden as well as grips without punctures. Besides the size of the wheels are for a safe and easy ride on bumpy surfaces. It also offers safe steering due to the presence of older child fork rake. The high ground clearance prevents it from hitting the bumpy ground.

It is not finished yet because the bike features cartridge wheel bearings for high durability and smooth ride. There is also an adjustable saddle that can be set closer to the handlebar or slide back when your kids get taller. The durable build of the bike makes it last longer than it counterparts even though it is lightweight. This 9.9 lbs bike can carry maximum weight up to 55 lbs which means that most the adults can get on it to give example for their kids. Meanwhile, the seat height is 13.39 cm match well with its 18 cm body height and 26.77 cm length.

The balance bike from Yvolution is actually an interesting training bike and many children have proved it even though the just start to use it. Hence, if you plan to teach your kids having a good balance in the summer, you can start to put this one into your buying list items. It may look difficult at first without any pedals on the bike but after your children try and use it several times, it will be easier for them to balance the body. All you have to do is keep training your children in using the bike.

Many people think that a balance bike is a great investment to help improving children balance as well as develop their motor skills. Children are able to figure out how to use it quickly because it depends on how you build children confidence and not let the fear to control them. While teaching your kids in using the bike, you bring along the kids to explore beautiful locations in your neighborhood or watching the sunset. This will leave a great memory as your children start to wheel off. The bike features that help children to ride on the park and open road safely can be seen on Y Velo balance bike reviews.