Zum Balance Bike for Your Kids

Zum balance bike _001
Zum balance bike _001

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Zum balance bike is one of the most popular balance bikes for your toddlers or preschool kids. This balance bike is really suitable for you who are looking for a high-quality with an affordable price balance bike. This bike will surely not break your bank account down. Moreover, this balance bike is available in so many choices so that it is easy for you to choose one for your kids.

About Zum Balance Bike

Zum balance bike is a bike that is able to help and train the kids in order to learn about the complexities and basics of balance and also steering. This bike does not have pedals, crank chain, wheels for training, and also set. It looks like a usual bike but with removed pedals and its other parts. Zum balance bike is purposely built and designed for toddlers who learn to bike for the first time. Moreover, there are also several options for this balance bike that do not have any brake. With Zum balance bike, your preschool kids will be able to learn how to bike within hours of training.

The Features of Zum Balance Bike

Zum is one of the brands of balance bike which is preferred by a lot of parents with their kids. They love to use it in their daily activities, especially when they are gathering together with other family members. Why is it so? It is because this balance bike has many amazing features which the riders are able to enjoy them. Here are the features of Zum balance bike.

  1. The tires bases of this balance bike are wide which are able to support the kids when they are biking around.
  2. The seat of Zum balance bike is built like a saddle. It is done in order to prevent the kids from slipping off when they are riding the bike at a high speed.
  3. The frame of this bike is made from a glass fiber which is completed by nylon in order to provide a frame which is free from splinters.
  4. Zum balance bike has 2 kinds of back brakes which are rear brakes and also hand brakes.
  5. It also has a steering limiter. The steering limiter will make the toddlers able to balance the control when they are riding the bike and doing several turns. Because the handle of the steering is limited to some specific angles.
  6. The safety grip feature is added to the handle in order to prevent any slipping handle which is usually caused by a sweaty hand or any other causes.

Not only those features mentioned above, Zum balance bike also provides other bike accessories which protect the preschool kids from any harmful accidents or fall off, such as helmet and vest. Other bike accessories such as bells and basket are also added in order to make a real and fun biking experience for the kids.

The Advantages of Zum Balance Bike

Here are the benefits of the balance bike when you decide to buy it for your kids.

  1. The safety of this balance bike is way safer and more practical if you compare it to other bikes such as tricycles or added training wheels. It is because a balance bike is designed and built with a balance as the priority. This kind of bike is designed for any unexpected imbalance and also any possibilities of falling because of the imbalance. The chains, pedals, and also crankset which are able to distract the kids are also removed.
  2. Zum balance bike is available in many sizes which are suitable for 18 months old kids to 6 years old kids. So that you are able to choose the proper one which is fit for your toddlers. Various styles and colors are also provided.
  3. This brand of a balance bike also provides the models of bikes which are eco-friendly. They are made from the resources which are ecological such as the birch wood. This type of balance bike model is very suitable for you who are concerned about the environment.
  4. A balance bike is able to train your toddlers’ motor skills which are the balance and coordination skills. So that the kids are able to be more optimistic and confident. Their fears about riding a pedaled bike can also be decreased.
  5. The height of the balance bike seat is able to be adjusted, which are 12 inches to 17 inches from the floor.

The Disadvantages of Zum Balance Bike

The advantages of Zum balance bike come along with its disadvantages. Here are the cons of this balance bike.

  1. Rotting and bending are able to happen when the bike is not maintained well. Especially if you choose the wooden one.
  2. This brand of bike is quite new and still in a pioneering level. So that many people are still wondering if they should buy this brand or not because there is not any guarantee that this bike will have a place in the market for a long time.
  3. The parts of this balance bike need to be separately bought. So that some of you may find this balance bike a little bit more expensive compared to other brands or other bikes.

Tips Related to the Balance Bike

Below are the tips for maintaining or using a balance bike that you can follow.

  1. In order to keep the safety and maintain the durability, you better check the rigidity of the screws especially before your kids ride the bike. Because the screws may loosen because of any movements or vibrations.
  2. It will be better if your kids ride a balance bike in an open ground or field, and other safe roads, since this bike is used to train your kids’ balance. Moreover, it is done in order to keep your toddlers safe compared with using it on a rough road.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages and other information which are related to Zum balance bike.