ZUM CX Balance Bike Review: Pros and Cons

zum cx balance bike _001
zum cx balance bike _001

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When you have a toddler at home you will need to buy her or him a balance bike and one of the most popular out there is the ZUM CX balance bike. Even though all you ever want is teaching them to balance themselves when riding a bike, the safety and quality matters should not be let off of your criteria.

Some parents will also consider the price but it will not be the number one on the list. On the other hand, letting your kids have fun in the outdoor space will be a great idea instead of keeping them at home and playing virtual games. Riding a bike will promote their physical as well as encourage them to be socialized with others.

In this article, we are going to give you a review of the ZUM CX Wooden Balance Bike. The article includes the pros and cons as well as other things you need to consider before finally buying a balance bike. Since the safety and the quality are two important points before the price, you really need to read this article if you consider buying a balance bike anytime soon in the future.

Features of ZUM CX Balance Bike

The bike is 100% made of tog grade birchwood and this is also the thing that makes the bike is different from other brands. Some people may doubt the strength and durability of the bike due to the main material is wood. However, it offers the best quality when it comes to durability and sturdy material. The design is carefully made though.

The frame, which is made of wood, is reversible. It allows your kids to ride it comfortably and can be adjusted according to your kids’ age. The smaller kids could comfortably ride the bike with the low-rider mode since the saddle is closer. When it comes to bigger kids, you can reverse the frame in the opposite direction. Anyway, the saddle can be adjusted no matter in what mode you are. Overall, the bike is adjustable in many ways.

The hand grips are wrapped with rubber and very safety. Besides ensuring the kid’s hands are in place, they are also well-protected. Other than that, the bike uses the pneumatic tires that provide a smoother yet easy handling of a ride. Comfort is the first thing that will come into your mind for sure.

The bike is equipped with the steering limiter, which prevents accidents related to jackknife. If this is the first time your kid has an experience with the bike, it is better to activate the limiter. So, if you want a balance bike with good safety concern for your kid, ZUM CX balance bike could be on your list after all. The bike is available in several online shops and it costs around USD 50.

The pros of ZUM CX Balance Bike

The good thing about this bike is that you can adjust and reverse the frame so it fits your kid’s size. This bike is suitable for kids between the age of 2 and 5 years old. It uses lacquer finishes with a non-toxic material. So, besides eco-friendly, it ensures the safety of your kid. The seat is comfortable for riding and it is made of a padded vinyl.

As we have mentioned earlier, the bike is equipped with rubber handlebar grips. Besides safety, the handlebars are comfortable to hold. Its technology allows the bike to prevent your kids from any accident related to the jackknife. Other than that, the bike easy to assemble. The tools and instruction paper are available in the package along with the bike.

The cons about ZUM CX Balance Bike

However, some people think that the overall appearance of the bike is not attractive enough compared to other brands. Other than that, after times you may need to tighten some screws. There is no footrest you can find on this bike. Meanwhile, the steering limited could be no fun game for your kid who is not a first-time balance bike rider.

Installation and maintenance instructions

You do not need to worry about the tools because the bike has already been equipped with a set of tools in the package. You will also find the step-by-step instructional guide in the box. The steps are easy to follow and the bike is not causing hassle when you assemble it. Normally, it takes about 20 minutes to assemble the bike until it is ready to ride. In case you need something related to the bike, you can head to the official website of the manufacturer’s website where you can find the pictures to assemble the bike.

When it comes to maintenance, this bike is basically easy to maintain after all. The tires will need to be checked after used to ride on the mud. Also, as we have mentioned earlier, you may need to check the screws after several uses because sometimes you need to tighten it to make sure the safety and the comfy.

The verdict

This bike basically stands out among other balance bikes on the market. It is unique by design and uses wood as the finishing. The frame is easily reversible and also one of the best things offered by this bike. So, if you need something that looks versatile and can be used for smaller and bigger kids, this bike could be one of the best options out there.

The bike offers some nice safety features. Those are great for your kids who still learn to balance on the bike for the first time. Other than that, it is important to keep their confidence up so they are not afraid or scared of involving “accidents”.

Your kid will get the comfortable riding with this bike. They can ride it easily in a fun way. So, if you need something that offers a safety and comfortable bike for your kid, you should consider ZUM CX Balance Bike as one of the options.